Still not good at it

It’s been six years (SIX YEARS) since my last post like this.  Back in May 2010, I was in Boston for work, and I tried my hand at selfies.  I was using an actual camera, not a phone, and it didn’t have a forward-facing camera, and it was hard.  See attempts here.

Now, six years later, selfies are more of a thing than ever, I have a front-facing camera, and I still can’t do it (god, I’m old).  All I was trying to do last Saturday was take pictures of pretty scenery with my smiling face in front.  (Yes, I could have asked John to take the pictures.  NOT THE POINT.)  How do people do this?

IMG_20160618_091125 IMG_20160618_091129 IMG_20160618_091141 IMG_20160618_091122 IMG_20160618_113629 IMG_20160618_113634 IMG_20160618_182903 IMG_20160618_182905 IMG_20160618_184536 IMG_20160618_184550 IMG_20160618_184556 IMG_20160618_184601 IMG_20160618_202844 IMG_20160618_202850 IMG_20160618_202851 IMG_20160618_202853

Okay, a couple were semi-successful.  Here’s one from today with RAINBOWS.


And hair in my face.  And no smiling.


  1. So artsy

    That last one could be on the cover of some magazine about how to warm cold tea using the power of your mind.

    And the answer to your question is selfie sticks. You must get one and carry it at all times.

  2. Zannah

    I have POWER. And no, thanks to the selfie stick. Aside from NO NO NO NO NO, I don’t think it would help. My problem appears to be timing. And looking at the lens. And my face.

  3. momma betty

    I love them all, especially the rainbow one. I read somewhere online some tips about where to look (not at the camera) and what angle to use, but I don’t remember. My only selfies are when I accidentally switch from back to front (or vice versa), and they’re hideous–like something from a fun house mirror. 🙁

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