I don’t like the word “jamming”.  I think it’s dumb when it refers to music.  I like the concept just fine, but the word itself makes me uncomfortable.  More when I use it than when others do, though. I feel like an imposter.  Plus, it makes me think of making jam, and since that has NOTHING to do with music, the juxtaposition bothers me.  I guess.  Or something that makes more (or less) sense.  Whatever.

That’s how I take a stand on something.

I’m thinking about it (and being made uncomfortable by the word) because the action is what’s happening in my basement right now.  It’s just Will and John, and they sound good, and I like the stuff they’re coming up with.  I’m happy to have it going on, but I would appreciate it someone would come up with a better word for it.  Get on that, someone, would you?

Oh, weirdly, I’m totally okay with the jamming when it refers to blocking electronics.

The more you know.


  1. momma betty

    Practicing, maybe?

    I know what you mean about using words that others do that don’t seem right for you. One year, my freshmen students were contemplating topics for research. One group was focusing on different styles of music but weren’t satisfied with their list. I said,” Well, what about Gangsta Rap?” And they all reacted immediately with laughter and choruses of “Don’t say that!!” and “Ewww.”

    “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Did I use it the wrong way? Wrong term?”

    “No,” they explained. “It’s just that YOU shouldn’t be saying that. It sounds too funny coming from you.”

    In other words, I was much too old and unhip to allow those words to come out of my mouth.

  2. Zannah

    Yeah, that’s exactly the problem. As for practicing instead of jamming – that works when they’re working on something they know, but when they’re making it up as they go along…well, I guess that’s improvising. Yes, better word.

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