Things I don’t think of as weird anymore:

  • Hitchhikers.  I rarely saw hitchhikers on the east coast, but since we came out here, I see them everywhere (including one today).
  • I nodded hello to the turkey when I got out of the car after my riding lesson and then threatened to smack him with the broom if he poops on our porch again (today).  Mixed messages, I know.
  • Train whistles at all hours of the day and night (including as I was typing this just now).
  • The smell of pot that appears EVERYWHERE and at random times (like on my walk back from a yoga class today).

I probably wouldn’t have thought to even mention any of that, except I had a conversation today with a coworker about where we live now and wow, that must be different, and hey, is everybody high all the time?  Differences were on my mind.