I don’t think it’s Oregon

I have heard from a lot of people here that everyone gains allergies in Oregon.  I’m pretty confident I can dismiss that as the usual local nonsense EVERYONE says about where they live, like, “Don’t like the weather?  Wait five minutes – it’ll change!”  Maybe they don’t say that in southern California, but they say it everywhere else.  Regardless, I don’t blame Oregon for how I’ve been feeling this week.  It’s spring, trees are blooming, this is expected.

I occasionally worry that I’m taking TOO much allergy medicine, though.  (John says this is because I need something to worry about at all times.)  But seriously, year-round I take Singulair and Zyrtec.  These last few days I’ve added Flonase.  This evening I’m taking Benadryl, and tomorrow I plan to take Sudafed.  I probably won’t take all five tomorrow, but I will take four.  I’ll skip the Benadryl…oh, only until tomorrow night, so actually I will take all five tomorrow.  (I’m not actually worried about it.)

The Benadryl seems to be working.  Earlier this evening I was making a big dent in the box of kleenex, but the Benadryl has dried me up.  I’m just afraid I won’t sleep well because on top of the general misery, Benadryl doesn’t always knock me out anymore.

Boohoo and whatever.  I’ll do my best not to write about drugs and kleenex tomorrow.