Happy Anniversary, Mindy and Mark!

Three years today.  Woohoo!

I have a lot to do today (and my eyes feel normal now, thank you very much), so I may not be able to revisit this later.  I have to stay focused at work, and I have errands to run and some straightening up and cleaning to do when I get home.  My running has suffered terribly over the last week (from laziness last week, and over the weekend and the first few days of this week from lack of time), but I’ll be climbing back on the eat-right wagon today.  Please ignore the tall skim white mocha from Starbucks this morning.  (Damn!  Slipping already!  Okay, I’m eating right starting….NOW!)

Quick to-do list:

  1. Work – become an expert in this thing I have to have a meeting about tomorrow
  2. Grocery store on the way home from work
  3. Move drumset out of guest room
  4. Vacuum upstairs, make the beds, clean the bathroom

Not too bad.

What is up with my eyes?

This weekend was weird.  For me, anyway.  It started fine.  We got home from work kinda late on Friday, ate a quick dinner, and then went to our second dance lesson.  We started the waltz!  I know I’ve watched too many Disney movies and too many musicals, but I’ve always wanted to be the princess being waltzed around the ballroom.  Learning to waltz (and having someone to waltz with) is probably the main reason I wanted us to take these lessons.  So that was cool.  🙂  We got up early Saturday morning (6-ish), dropped the dogs at the kennel, and drove to John’s parents’ house in PA.  And this is where it got weird.  As I drove from the house to the kennel, I noticed that I was really only seeing out of my right eye.  If I closed my right eye and only used my left, it was like looking through a frosted window.  There was no discomfort, but I couldn’t go the whole weekend only using my right eye, so when we got to the kennel, I took my contact solution to the restroom and cleaned my left lens.  Put it back in, same problem.  So, since they were disposable lenses, I threw them out and switched to my glasses.  Clear vision, no problems, and I drove the rest of the way.  Almost as soon as we walked in the door in Fogelsville, my left eye started to water.  Pat told us she had to clean a thin layer of pollen off of every surface in the house that morning, so I’m pretty sure this was a reaction to that.  After a couple of hours, my left eye was itching, watering, and red (and a little puffy).  I took some benadryl and conked out for about two hours (they woke me up for dinner).  When I woke up, both eyes were bothering me, not just the left one.  Anyway, I felt fine, but watering, itching eyes are really annoying.  I felt like I was constantly on the verge of tears.  We had tickets to a minor league baseball game (the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs were playing the Gwinnett Braves) that night, and even though I was still a bit groggy from the benadryl, I wanted to go.  The stadium is new and really nice, and our tickets were for the club level, right along the first base line.  Sometime during the 8th inning, the skies opened and it started to POUR.  Heavy rain, thunder, lightning, the works.  They had the field covered before we made it under the roof.  We waited a little to see if the rain would stop, but after about 15 minutes, it hadn’t let up even a little, so we gave up.  I don’t think they had called the game yet, but the Iron Pigs didn’t have a chance anyway.  The score was 4 or 5 to nothing, and the Pigs had only managed to get three guys on base the whole game.  (They’re not very good, apparently.)  It was fun, even with the rain.  We got back to the house, dried off, and watched the Walken Family Reunion skit from SNL on the projector in the basement.  Amy Poehler does a hilarious Christopher Walken impression.  It wasn’t all that late, but with my eyes and the benadryl, I was fading, so I went to bed.  Woke up feeling a little better this morning (I think because I closed the windows in bedroom), but that didn’t last long after I got up.  I was counting on getting home (and away from whatever tree is trying to kill me – maybe the dogwoods in their front yard?) to clear this up.  I’m all clean, hair washed, no pollen anywhere near me (not from PA, anyway), so I’m hoping to wake up tomorrow morning with normal eyes.  We’ll see.  It skewed the whole visit for me.  It’s hard to enjoy seeing family when you’re basically crying and fighting to stay awake.  We’ll see them again soon, though.

Nothing much

Seriously, now that I have stated my intention to photograph adorable little goslings, there are none to be found.  What’s up with that?

Enough about the (nonexistent, apparently) geese.  Tonight, I’m still at work (it’s almost seven), and John and I have our second dance lesson.  🙂  I’m very excited about this.  Ooh!  More exciting?  We can go home!

So sorry

Does it surprise anyone that the day I remembered my camera, I didn’t see any geese, baby or otherwise?  Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow.  For today, I’m sorry, but I have no adorable pictures of fuzzy baby geese to share with you.

I love spring

Today got a lot better.  My meeting downtown went smoothly (all I had to do was be there, anyway), and we were done in just over an hour.  I had a very pleasant drive home from DC.  I took the GW Parkway to the beltway.  It’s beautiful.  The trees are all leafed out and it’s wonderfully shady.  It’s a really nice day today.  Upper 60’s, sunny skies, a little breezy – this is my favorite kind of day.

I got home and took the dogs out for a walk that turned into more of a jog.  It was just so nice!  Oh, I almost forgot.  We were on Claiborne heading towards where the W&OD trail crosses over the road, and I looked up and saw a horse on the trail.  Totally weird.  I mean, I’ve seen signs for horse crossings on the trail before, but where in suburban Ashburn could someone keep a horse?  I guess they could have been heading back to Leesburg…  Wherever they came from, It was very strange to see someone riding a horse over Claiborne Parkway, about a mile from my house.

Speaking of weird sightings, as I left the Department of Education building this afternoon, there was a guy outside, wearing only red shorts and shoes, doing pushups on the sidewalk.  Who on earth would decide to drop and do pushups, wearing no shirt, immediately outside the main entrance of the Department of Education building?

John isn’t feeling well today (scratchy throat, stuffy head), so I’m heading out to get him soup for dinner.  (He actually asked for soup!  I’m totally wearing him down!)

Wake up already!

Six hours is not enough sleep for me.  Only my anal sense of punctuality (can you have a sense of punctuality?  Is there a phrase I should be using here that I can’t think of because my brain isn’t working?  You know what I mean, right?) got me out of bed this morning.  I get paranoid about being late for most things, but I’m worst about work and airplanes.  Anyway, I’m having a really hard time focusing.  I’m a little better now (after Starbucks and a croissant).  We’ll see how long I have before the crash.  At least I’m not comfortable today.  I’m wearing a suit ’cause I have to go downtown for a meeting this afternoon.  On the bright side, I may be able to go straight home from that rather than come back to the office.  It depends on how short the meeting is.  If it lasts at least an hour, I’ll be heading home.  Less than that and I can’t really justify not going back to work.

I was just telling Christina about the program we used to get Mom new ringtones for her cell phone, and now I have “Sweet Pea” stuck in my head.  I can deal with that.  I like this song.  🙂  Mom, if you’re reading, can you email me the mp3?

Who likes Mondays?

At the risk of sounding like Garfield, Mondays suck.  (I’m paraphrasing.)  Tuesdays are usually better, but I don’t have my hopes up for tomorrow.  We’ll see.

Not much else to talk about, really.  Tonight was John’s Theory of Algorithms final.  He’s not back yet (it’s later than usual), and I don’t know if that’s a good sign or a bad sign.  Or not a sign at all.  But this was his last final, so he’s free until fall.

Happy 2nd Sunday in May!

(That’s Mother’s Day to most of you.  My mother doesn’t believe in Mother’s Day.)  It’s been a beautiful day here.  Unfortunately, John isn’t able to enjoy it (and neither is Roxy, but for entirely different reasons).  John has been (and still is) studying for his last final.  It’s tomorrow night, and he’s not feeling all that confident.  He didn’t have a lot of time to study yesterday (because we were having a wonderful afternoon in DC with Chuck, Jess, and Cody), and not having the answers to his practice questions keeps him guessing about whether or not he’s getting them right.

Roxy is not studying.  She, poor thing, threw up all night and hasn’t really been feeling well all day.  We woke up this morning to several messes downstairs, and when we got her outside, she threw up some more.  She was finally able to keep a little water down, and I gave her her medicine.  After a while, I made her some rice and chicken broth.  She ate a few bites, but she didn’t want anymore (which is the real cause for alarm, I think).  At least she kept it down.  I’ll give her more later, and when John is free to help me, I’ll try to take her temperature.  That should be fun.  She’s been crashed out on the floor all day, looking pathetic, barely wagging her tail.  She spends most days crashed out on the floor, but she usually doesn’t look this miserable.

Update: I went over to check on her and she wagged her tail and played with me a little.  I gave her some rice and she scarfed it down.  I think she’s feeling better.  🙂  She’s looking around for more, but I want to make sure she can keep it down first.  TMI a little?  Sorry.

Yesterday, we saw Arcadia at the theater at the Folger Shakespeare Library with Jess, Chuck, and Cody.  It was so good.  I’ve seen it twice before, once with Corey as Septimus Hodge in Lexington and once at GW.  The actor playing Septimus this time was really good and very Corey-like in his movements and expressions.  Is it just that the character has to be played that way?  Whatever.  I like it.  And the woman who played Thomasina was fantastic.  Oh, they all were.  We all really enjoyed it.

We went to the Sonoma Wine Bar for dinner immediately after (the play was at 2pm).  It was five after 5, and there were two, maybe three other parties already there.  We had to convince the hostess to seat us (yes, we’ll be done by 8, sorry to inconvenience you), and then a couple of items we wanted to order weren’t available anymore (but still on the menu), but other than those minor things, it was really good.  Expensive, yes, but very good.  John had the ribeye, Jess and I had the filet, we all had ceviche, sashimi, and beef carpaccio to start, and mozzarella risotto with dinner.  Everything we had was delicious, including my wine, but I’ve already forgotten what I was drinking, which is a shame.  (My choice of wine was one of the items no longer available, so while I remember what I wanted, I don’t remember what I had.)

We followed dinner with a five-block trek to the Baskin Robbins on 8th Street for dessert.  ‘Cause, you know, we hadn’t eaten enough yet.  🙂  I certainly don’t regret the ice cream (an Oreo cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream cone is totally worth the calories), but the walk there and back killed my feet.  I love those shoes, but they’re better for standing around and looking nice.  Hiking ten blocks is not what they were made for.  I’ve been walking a bit gingerly today, but I think I’ll be fine for running tomorrow.

We fell asleep last night while watching Shakespeare in Love (can’t get enough Tom Stoppard), so we might finish that tonight.  John is on the phone with his mom and he just started to mess with what might be the inside of the $5 amp he bought from a garage sale on his run yesterday, so I think he’s done studying for the day.  That’s my cue to fire up the grill.  Salmon, asparagus, portabello mushrooms, and a caprese salad.  All from Wegman’s, all fresh and delicious.

Why can’t my dogs sleep through the night?

So, I tried to let the dogs sleep upstairs last night, but that didn’t last long.  John went to PA yesterday morning to surprise his mom and see Emily before she headed back to Pittsburgh (he gets back tonight), leaving me I was alone in the house.  I’m easily unnerved, so I try to keep the dogs close.  We didn’t even make it to midnight.  Roxy got up and shoved repeatedly against the mattress with her chest.  I’m not sleeping through that, so I kicked them out.  Back downstairs for them.

I had arranged to come in to work late today, so I was able to sleep in this morning.  It was great.  No alarm clock, I woke up to beautiful blue skies, and I had more than enough time to run, have a leisurely breakfast (I watched another episode of Fringe), shower, and get to work with time to spare before our 1pm meeting.  The rest of the day has been a little crazy though, with several additional meetings and last minute requests from the client for data.  But it’s officially over now and I’m heading out to dinner with some people from work.

I really will watch just about anything

Heather Graham makes some really bad movies.  I mean, just awful.  But I have discovered who I wish I looked like.  Bridget Moynihan is beautiful – tall, thin, gorgeous, great smile.  If I were going to (and able to) look like anybody else, it would be her.  I watched Gray Matters today (that’s the bad movie that triggered the mean Heather Graham comment), and although it really was bad, Alan Cumming was adorable in it.

More TV:

I know I said Cupid is a dumb show (and I still think so), but the episode I just watched made me cry.

Sorry for the disjointed post.  I didn’t write it all at the same time.  Only one thing of note actually happened today (which is one more than most days, I guess).  I finally met our new neighbors on the uphill side.  Our realtor neighbor with the adopted Russian kids moved out sometime in March, and our new neighbors moved in shortly after that, but we’d hardly even seen them.  They were never in the backyard, and we only caught a couple of glimpses of them out front.  Their yard (front and back) was turning quickly into a jungle, and last weekend, the guy tried to mow his jungle/lawn with an electric lawn mower.  He didn’t get far before some other neighbors came over with a gas lawn mower to help out.  (We came home while this pow-wow was going on the driveway.)  Anyway, John is convinced they’ve never had a yard to take care of before, and that this guy has never used a lawn mower.  The next day we saw him in the backyard, mowing (attempting to mow – seriously the grass is almost two feet high in some places) in khakis and a button down shirt.

Anyway, I met him today because I let the dogs out and Riley started to bark.  I opened the door to tell him to quit it and saw that he was barking at our new neighbor.  So I headed to the fence to introduce myself (and apologize for Riley).  His name is Andy, and they lived in an apartment in Chantilly before moving next door.  His wife (who I haven’t met yet) is Iris, they’re Chinese (he made a point of that, I’m not sure why, since we weren’t talking about anyone’s background), and they’re planning a cruise to Alaska in the next month or so.  He’s a very nice guy (who asked me some basic lawn care questions), and we have tentative plans to have a cookout when they get settled in.  That’s all I know.  Oh, no kids, no dog.  That’s all I know.

My poor toothless dog

Okay, missing one tooth doesn’t really make her toothless.  I just picked Roxy up from the vet, and she’s doing fine.  Not even groggy.  I’ve got all kinds of pain medication and antibiotics to get her through the next few days.

I’m home and happy to be here, but I wish the weekend could get here faster.  Anybody know how to make that happen?  I’m worn out.

Geraldine Brooks needs to write more books

I stayed up late last night to finish People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks.  I can’t believe it took me so long to get around to reading it!  What was I thinking?  I loved it.  I loved it more than March, despite that book’s Pulitzer Prize.  It’s been so long since I read Year of Wonders that I can’t compare the two.  And I can’t find my copy of Year of Wonders, so I can’t re-read it immediately to find out which I loved more.  At the moment, though, I’m leaning towards People of the Book.  🙂

I started The Eyre Affair this morning during breakfast.  I’m only a few pages in, but I think I’m going to really like this one, too.

Think happy thoughts

I said I was going to be positive about today, right?  Okay.

  1. Band rehearsal was scheduled to go until 10pm, but we finished at 9:45!
  2. My head doesn’t hurt as much as it usually does when I’ve been up for 17 hours.
  3. John didn’t wake me up when he came home tonight from class; I only beat him home by 5 minutes.

Hmm.  That last one leans a little negative.  Well, that’s the best I can do.  Ignore the faint whiff of sarcasm from #1.

I love used bookstores

There’s a used bookstore in Falls Church that John swore we had been to before, but I didn’t remember ever going.  We went yesterday afternoon.  It’s a good one.  For me, anyway.  They have a HUGE (for used bookstores, anyway) science fiction/fantasy section, and I remembered my list.  🙂  So I got a lot of books.  Then I walked around a corner into a little nook lined floor to ceiling with hardcover books (I think it may have originally been a closet – oh yeah, the store is a little one-story house) and suddenly remembered standing in that exact spot with John years ago.  So John was right.  I’ve been there before.

The rest of the day was lovely.  I don’t think we did anything we didn’t want to do.  Well, I went to the grocery store, but it was while John was working on his car.  And going to Bloom never takes long.

Roxy was good all weekend (no seizures – yay!), but I’m expecting some misbehavior from both dogs tonight.  It’s going to be a very long day, for all of us.  I’m at work early so I can leave early to get home and take care of the dogs.  I’ll be home maybe an hour (maybe a little more), but then I have to come back to the office because we have band rehearsal tonight.  John will be missing rehearsal because he has to go to class.  I won’t get home until 9:30 at the earliest, and he’ll be another hour after that.  Roxy and Riley tend to misbehave when we go back out.  Nothing major, usually.  They steal things off the countertops.  Bread, bags of coffee beans, plastic containers, whatever.  They don’t even eat them.  Just steal them.

Anyway, I’m trying to be positive about today.  It’s a little hard.

Derby Day!

I love Derby Day.  The day itself has not gone like I planned, but that’s okay.  I planned to run this morning, but it started to rain just as I went outside, so we decided to just go ahead and have breakfast.  Which is, of course, when the sun came back out.  Too late.

Today had lots of good things, though, and more to come, I’m sure.  John’s anniversary present to me this year was/is the dance lessons I’ve wanted us to take since before our wedding.  There’s an Arthur Murray studio in Ashburn, so he scheduled our free lesson for today at 12:30.  It was fun!  I like dancing, and I think I’ll really like knowing, you know, how.  John is not as comfortable, but that’s the point of lessons.  He’s doing this for me, and I love him for it.  So we signed up for one of the plans, and we’ll learn everything we can.

After that, John went to the music store with Will (John needed mandolin strings (he snapped one yesterday), and Will was looking for a bass), and since I missed my morning run, I strong-armed Christina into walking with me (and Colin in the stroller, of course) so I could do a long, slow jog.  I like exercising with a buddy.  If Christina is interested, maybe we can meet up regularly.

Oh, Roxy news.  The results of the bloodwork show that her dosage does not need to be changed, and the condition of her liver has actually improved since last year.  (The medicine that does the best job of controlling her seizures also causes long-term liver damage.  She started taking a supplement a year ago to combat that, and it appears to be working.)  Unless she really starts having seizures more often or that are more violent, we’re treating Thursday’s cluster seizures as an isolated event.  Assuming she doesn’t have any more in the next few days, she’ll have her fractured tooth removed this Wednesday.  In the meantime, she’s getting treated to delicious wet food twice a day and begging for more.

The Derby was all good news this year, no tragedies, and a great race.  Very fun to watch.  Tonight is for staying in and relaxing.  Tomorrow, we might do some of the things we originally scheduled for today (like weeding my flower bed and buying the plants that will go in it, studying for John’s AI final, and checking out a used bookstore in Falls Church).  Maybe.

The Friday Night Roxy Update

Roxy’s doing fine.  She didn’t have any seizures at the vet today, and she seems fine now that she’s home.  We’ll get results from the blood tests tomorrow (hopefully), so we’ll see what we need to do about her medication.   She’ll be going back to the vet soon, though, because she managed to crack one of her molars during all those convulsions yesterday.  The vet found it during the exam today.  There’s apparently a whole chunk missing, but I haven’t looked yet ’cause I’m afraid I’ll hurt her.  John and I tried, kind of.  He held her and I grabbed her head and started to lift her lip, but she hates being confined like that and she was wriggling too much.  I don’t want to inadvertently hit her where she’s sensitive, so I’m just not going to look.  John bought a bunch of wet, canned dog food.  Dry food would not be a good idea.  She inhaled it.  Riley did, too.  (We added some to his food.  We don’t like to leave him out.)  Of course, she was probably starving; she hadn’t eaten since last night.  She had to fast for the bloodwork.  And here’s a recent picture of her (taken the day we got back from Jess’s wedding).

Roxy, age 6 (almost), 4/5/09

Roxy, age 6 (almost), 4/5/09

Tonight is for relaxing.  We’ll baby Roxy a bit, order a pizza, and watch TV or movies.  Tomorrow is Derby Day, and oh!  Well, if you even noticed it was coming, you probably noticed we’re not having a Derby party this year.  I didn’t even think of it until midweek, so we decided not to this year.  I’m a little bummed that I didn’t plan ahead for this, but we’ll just have to make it up later.  I’m certainly still planning on watching the Derby, and I hope you all are, too.  🙂

Great news!

One of my favorite people just got a promotion!  Our good buddy Chuck (Jess’s wonderful husband Chuck) is now Master Chief Clark!  Way to go, Chuck!

What can I get away with now that I know a Master Chief?  Nothing, you say?  Oh.  🙂

Congratulations, Chuck!