More rescheduling is needed

Today is our anniversary (16 years), but we’re going to postpone it for at least day.  Or maybe just extend it?  Whatever works.  We got up at 4am this morning, drove to the airport, got on flight 1 of 2 (which I slept through – yay exhaustion), had a quick layover in Minneapolis, and then got on flight 2 of 2 to Portland.  We got home around 4:30 (which felt like 7:30), then had to run back out to the store for milk so we can have tea tomorrow because neither of us is 100% yet.  Actually, I’m a total mess (although I think I feel better overall).  I look like I’m about to turn zombie.  I went to Urgent Care Tuesday afternoon because the bottom half of my left eye is solid red, and after about 30 seconds (if that), the doctor I saw announced I have pinkeye and prescribed antibiotic drops.  I’m taking them even though I’m not convinced I have pinkeye or that it’s not the viral kind, but they’re making the skin under my eye yellow like a fading bruise, so actually, I look like a zombie who’s being abused by her spouse.  This is how I traveled today.  With my glasses on, of course.  No contacts allowed right now.  I might be going back to my own doctor tomorrow.

Anyway, today isn’t a good day to celebrate our anniversary because of the zombie problem and the travel exhaustion, so we’ll try again tomorrow.  Tonight we’re having pie for dinner and watching A Royal Night Out and then sleeping until a train wakes us up.

Still hoping for a miraculous recovery

Apparently I don’t get to feel better this trip.  My stomach has begun to make known its unhappiness with a steady diet of sinus meds and ibuprofen, but I can’t stop taking the meds or my head will explode.

I had coffee with Jess this morning (she drove up from Annapolis to say hi).  I was okay for most of that, but then I alarmed everyone at Panera when I caught my breath weirdly and raced for the bathroom so I could cough up my lung, which seemed to have put down roots in my right foot.  (There was some deep, loud, awful-sounding coughing is what I’m saying.  The walls in the bathroom shook.)  So then I came back out, all red-faced and puffy-eyed, and she took me back to the house.  Everyone was getting ready to go walk around downtown Frederick (which I’m sure looks lovely all decorated for the holidays), but I bowed out.  I’m inside, hanging out with the snoring dog, about to start snoring myself.  A nap may do me good.  (It did yesterday.  I don’t take enough naps.)

Can we postpone Christmas until I feel better?

You know what’s not cool?

  • Being sick
  • Being sick on vacation
  • Being sick on vacation in someone else’s house
  • Being sick on vacation in someone else’s house with the sneaking suspicion that the “surprise” planned for tonight involves a night out in a big shopping area with a big Christmas tree and a stay in a hotel

This isn’t even the first time I’ve been sick on Christmas at someone else’s house and thank GOODNESS I’m not as sick this time as I was the last time.  Last time, John and I spent the morning of Christmas Eve at Urgent Care.  This time, I’m hopefully (cross your fingers) over the hump, but I’m still congested and coughing and dealing with a sore throat and taking medicine every four hours.  I’m keeping my distance from the baby and drinking ALL the water (there won’t be any water left in Maryland by the time I leave – I’m working on draining the Chesapeake Bay) and trying to be more fun than I feel.

I’m hoping for a miracle.  ‘Tis the season!


I took an official sick day yesterday.  It started right – I had a 7am meeting, but it was only half an hour, and then I went back to bed until almost noon.  Of course, things were happening, and I ended up working a couple of hours total throughout the day.  In the afternoon, I got the oil changed in the car (desperately needed to be done), and I braved the post office to mail a package.  I rested the other hours.

I’m not very good at sick days, but we’re leaving town tomorrow, and stuff needed to get done.  I have never felt so uneasy about getting on a plane (congestion plus the additional pressure?  shudder).

Much as I want to, I am not going to sit here and complain about every symptom.  I’m better during the day, and it’s daytime now, so I’m going to focus on the things that need to get done while I’m capable of doing them.  Like…a couple of work things I can’t leave undone and PACKING.  Mostly packing.

I suppose it was inevitable

John has been sick for several days now (a week?), and I have felt fine. I should have known my days were numbered.  Tonight I could feel a sinus headache starting and my throat feels a little scratchy and please PLEASE I don’t want to be sick.

So I took a steamy shower and I’m in bed before 8, hoping to get real sleep. Maybe I can head it off. I’m writing this on my phone because no way am I going back downstairs to get my laptop.

The rest of the horseback riding story will have to wait.



Thursday I sat on the front step for 15 minutes.  Friday I put on real clothes and went to the store for essentials.  John was doing a wonderful job taking care of me, but he started to go downhill Thursday night and was heading towards misery all day Friday.  Friday was when I took over as caregiver, and I have survived!  Saturday, I attempted (successfully? Ish.) to exercise again because really – it had been over two weeks, and we can’t have that.  Then today I actually went OUTSIDE and saw OTHER PEOPLE and, best of all, RODE A HORSE.  More on that later.

So yeah, I think I’m improving, healthwise.  I’m still congested, and I’m still trying to take it easy, but it’s no longer preventing me from doing normal things.  Mostly.

Sniffles and ugh

Summer appears to be over in the Pacific Northwest.  (Actually, the forecast says we’re going to be in the low 80s this weekend, but go with me here.)  We spent our last week of summer in Disney World, and when we got back to Portland on Friday, it was overcast and 70 degrees out.  It was chillier than that (and rainy) on Saturday, and I think the season change shocked me into a cold.  Or maybe it’s allergies.  It’s hard to tell, but either way, I spent Labor Day on the couch with a sore throat and a box of kleenex.  It looked beautiful out, but all I got was a look out the window.

I’m not feeling much better today, either, so now that I’m done with work for the day, it’s back to the couch I go.  Maybe I can rest enough to feel like a human being tomorrow.  I would like to go back outside (and enjoy it).

Oh, no. Fall is coming.

I like fall.  It’s pretty, and the temperature’s nice.  But sometimes fall doesn’t like me back.  Today, for example, I can feel the allergy monsters approaching.  There’s been a little bit of the whole back-of-the-throat mess happening for a couple of days, and today I’m blowing my nose and sneezing a lot.  Fall is doing this to me.  Jerk.

But I feel fine!  This is just a minor annoyance.  I don’t know how accurate this is, but I always assume that if  my head is exploding (could be mild, could be extreme) but I don’t otherwise feel sick (no achiness, no fatigue*, no general blah-ness), it must be allergies.  If I actually feel bad, then I must have a cold or something.  According to me, then, this is allergies.  Which is good.  Ish.

*This past weekend’s constant complaining about how sleepy I was doesn’t count.  It was self-inflicted.  Especially on Saturday – we didn’t go to bed until 2am Friday night.  I don’t handle that well.  Just thinking about it is making me yawn.

I’ll just sit here and moan

The holiday season sinus problems have begun.  Well, they started yesterday, but last night was bad, and this morning I just can’t breathe through my nose.  I’m not enjoying my status as a mouth-breather.  Other than that, I feel fine.  Mostly.

Hm.  Maybe I don’t feel fine.  I’m going to sit here on the couch and stare blankly at my book.  I believe we will be postponing our anniversary dinner.

The germs are winning

It seems I have passed on my germs.  Unfortunately, I didn’t give them away.  I just shared them.  I blame my coughing cold thing on one coworker who was just getting over it on New Year’s Eve (or Jess – could have been Jess).  I went to work for a couple of hours last Tuesday morning (then came back home to rest), and Wednesday another coworker was out.  He tried to come in Thursday morning but left after an hour, and Friday morning he didn’t even try.  (He’s back today.)  Wonder who’s next.

I apologized to the kettle

I need tea (soothing, hot, yummy) to recover from today’s edition of this week’s plague and last night’s carousing, so I put the kettle on to boil.  Then I sat down to read The Bloggess’s latest post, but the kettle started to whistle too soon, and I found myself getting irritated with the kettle because damn it, I’m not ready yet,  so just shut up with the whistling until after I finish reading about Jenny’s dead diarrhea unicorn pony.  And then I realized that Pat the Unicorn’s story isn’t going anywhere, and it would be way easier to read if the whistling stopped, and the kettle isn’t trying to irritate me, it can’t help itself, so I poured the boiling water into my mug.  I think I need a nap, but it’s too late in the day for a nap, so an early bedtime will have to do.

I’m not using my time wisely

Huh.  I only read 44 books in 2013.  That feels like failure.  And I’m not off to a great start in 2014, either.  51 in 2012.  I must make better use of my time.  On the other hand, I can’t think of anything I’ve done lately that I’ve regretted spending the time on, so maybe my time is being spent just fine.  Stop judging me.

I’m feeling much better, in case you were wondering.  Still coughing, but not as much (more at night, like right now, so I kind of wish I didn’t have a throat, which would be weird).  Outside of the coughing, I feel mostly normal.  Yay.  I’m still drinking enormous quantities of water and tea, though.  Running to pee every 30 minutes makes it difficult to get anything done at work, but I manage.  Good thing my desk is fairly close to the bathroom.  I’d hate to have to sprint across the building every time, shoving people out of my way, papers flying – I am not a comic strip.  Or a sitcom.  I have more dignity than that.  (Or so I’d like you to think.)

A day of downtime is the best present

Been reading a lot lately.  Well, I had a day or two where I really didn’t have to do anything else (last weekend, when I wasn’t sick).  I finished one book (The Distant Hours), started and finished another one (The Perks of Being a Wallflower, the movie of which I REALLY want to see), and started a novella (Legion), all in one day.  That’s a good day.  Now that I’m back to work and my normal routine, my pace will have to slow down a bit.  I guess.  Boo.  Also, being sick doesn’t always lend itself to being able to focus on a book.  Double boo.  Also also, liquid Mucinex is really really really disgusting.

Cataloging my symptoms, just for you

Why read my book when I could be watching Supernatural?  This is how I know I’m sick.  I’m not knocking Supernatural, but when I can’t summon the willpower to focus on a book when I have a whole day ahead of me, there must be something wrong.  And there is, in the sinus congestion, inflated head, throbbing headache behind one eye kind of way.  I took medicine, of course, so add weird loopy dryness to the list.  I can breathe freely through my nose, but my head is still congested.  And I’m having slight difficulty swallowing.  But I feel fine from the shoulders down.  Except for some mild aching….  This print is really tiny.  I’m going back to the couch and my TV.

I’ve probably just jinxed the summer weather – it’ll be cold now

I worked from home today because the guys came to replace the HVAC system (and because it was my turn – John stayed home when the painters came).  Now we have a brand new furnace and A/C!  Very exciting.  And they’re pretty, as these things go.  Shiny, anyway.  Unfortunately, I now have a giant, horrible, throbbing, not-at-ALL fun headache.  To go with my stuffy nose and watery eyes.  They ran the heater for a while to make sure everything was working correctly, so it got really hot and stuffy in here, and I’m tempted to open the windows because it’s so pleasant outside, but I think that would be a mistake.  A HORRIBLE MISTAKE.  And I’m not that dumb.  Today.  Ask me again tomorrow.

I flaked on Jess and her mom about the 5K tomorrow because I feel crappy.  It’s not so much about the 5K as it is about not being very good company and being away from home when I feel crappy.  Nobody likes to be away from home when the highlight of your day is the 15 minutes spent feeling slightly less crappy because you were standing under wonderfully hot water in the shower.

I think staring at tiny letters on a screen is not helping my headache, so I’m going to stop.  Also, I need to congratulate myself on finding the end of the work day.  Is it stupid to drink wine when I feel crappy?  Because I think I would like some wine.


On my way out of the office, I sneezed as I stepped off the elevator.  My eyes watered, and my nose tickled because I was suppressing a second sneeze, and I could swear people were looking at me like I was Patient Zero.  Dudes, it’s allergy season!  Besides, I didn’t sneeze ON you.  I didn’t even sneeze AT you.  Maybe I should have.  Next time.  Watch out, starers.  I’m coming for you.

Slowly, with lots of wheezing and sniffling.

Like a zombie.

And just as terrifying.

Not again

I think I might be getting sick.  I can’t tell yet if it’s just seasonal allergies, but since John just got over the flu, I’m a little nervous.  My head is a little (not a lot) congested, my throat is sore enough to hurt when I swallow, the lymph nodes right under my jawline are swollen, and I think I had a fever for a little bit during the night – I woke up freezing and shivering and went scrambling for socks and warmer clothes and more blankets.  Everything but the fever could mean allergies – that stuff happens to me every spring.  And fall.  And at random times throughout the rest of the year.  I was planning on running today, but I think I’m not going to.  We have a 5K with Jess in less than a week, but I gave up any hope of a good race a few weeks ago.  Running today wouldn’t help that much, and a day of real rest might.  So I’m going to do nothing.  Almost nothing.  I might go to the library with John.  Maybe.

I’ll stay up and moan

Home now.  Still sick.  Thoroughly exhausted.  I think I could have been good at writing telegrams.  We were right on the edges of that big snowstorm that is heading northeast, so there were multiple accidents on the highway this afternoon, and John and I took an alternate route home.  It took us five hours, but the GPS said staying on the highway would have taken almost seven.  Eight, really, since we’d been on the road for an hour when we checked. So we’re home, and the car is unloaded, and the Chinese food has been ordered, and John is out getting milk and yogurt.  Roxy is resting on her own bed.  She was really good this past week.  Very quiet, no accidents, no incidents with Mabel – she was the perfect houseguest-dog.  My head feels both clearer and runnier than it has for days.  I think that’s an improvement, but I’m so over this horrible cold/congestion/sinus infection/HORRIBLE THING I could just scream.  But that would make me cough. And THAT would make me dive head first into a fire pit.  (Because it might feel better.  Also because it was 57 degrees in the house when we walked in, and a fire pit would probably be warmer.)

Still alive

Okay, people, it’s time for Christmas.  I just spent two hours in a thoroughly depressing walk-in clinic, and I need some lights, some presents, and some music, stat!  (Turns out I have a sinus infection, but I’m all doped up now and will hopefully be on the mend soon.)