SO much better

It’s early yet, so this probably won’t last (way to be optimistic, Zannah), but I feel SOOOO much better than I did yesterday.  I got up, it wasn’t raining for the first time in two days, and I went for a run.  It was hard, but in a good way, and I feel good.  Now let’s see if I can make something happen on the job front.


I’m trying to figure out if Roxy really loves me or if she’s just using me for food.  Hard to tell.  And I may never know.

I don’t really have anything else to say today.  I have no good job news, only possible bad job news, and that’s just depressing.  The weather isn’t helping.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got.  Sorry to be both short and depressing.  I’ll do better tomorrow.

A very gray Veteran’s Day

John worked from home, and it was gray and rainy, so I don’t feel like too much of a loser for not leaving the house even once today.  I applied for three jobs and made a list of companies whose career opportunities I’ll be checking out the rest of this week and into next week.  I had exercise plans, but since the rain didn’t let up even for a little, I let them go.  It was a nice day.  Even though John was, you know, actually working most of the day, it was nice to have him right here in the dining room.

No news on the job front.  Not surprising, since today is a holiday for most people around here, so I’m not as annoyed about it as I was yesterday.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.

The band is practicing in the basement tonight, so I’m heading upstairs to read.

Oh yeah!

I remembered.  I need to get a urine sample from Roxy and take it to the vet for testing.  She finished antibiotics for a UTI last Friday, and they need to re-test to make sure she’s okay.  Exciting, right?  So was the bank.  🙂

One errand a day

I don’t have very much to do right now.  I can only spend so much time per day job-hunting before I get depressed, and I’m not ready to tackle house projects yet (although that’s coming soon, I think).  I’m spacing out the errands I have to run to make sure I have a reason to leave the house every day.  (That looks worse written out than it did in my head.)  Yesterday, I went grocery shopping.  Today, I went to the bank.

Damn.  I think I’m out of errands.  I thought I had one for tomorrow, but I can’t think of it.

The new Wegman’s

I did my weekly grocery shopping at the brand new Wegman’s that opened yesterday in Leesburg.  That’s right.  I’m one of those uber-lucky people who gets to live in close proximity to not one, but two Wegman’s stores.  One is 6 miles east of our house, and the other (the new one) is just over 4 miles to the west.  The layout of the new store is completely different, so I spent more time trying to find things than actually shopping, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.  Right now, though, I’m feeling some loyalty to the old store.  Which is still on my way home from…hm.  Well, not work, since I’m, ahem, not working, but I’m sure it will be on the way home from work eventually.

Why can’t Purcellville be flat?

I didn’t really like The Witches of Eastwick.  Glad I’m done with it. Today was a beautiful day.  Warm, too.  I wish the warm part had started a little earlier, though, ’cause I could have used it at the Purcellville Turkey Trot this morning.  I like Purcellville and everything, and they give out the best race t-shirts, but man, that town is hilly!  Last year’s course had all those ups and downs, and since this year was a new course, I’d hoped it would be different.  I was wrong.  Different hills, and not as bad as the Wolf Trap hills, but still.  My point, I think, was that it was cold this morning.  For the first time in more than a year, I had the lung/throat pain that comes from breathing too hard in cold air.  Hate that.  Other than all that, it was nice to be out and about that early.

Back on track. At least halfway.

Okay, I think I’m done slacking off here.  I’ll try to go back to regularly posting something.  Maybe not daily, but more than once a week.  I’ll keep the job hunt details out of it.  Except for this one: John just completed his first day of work at his new job!  He spent less than one week unemployed, which is just crazy.  And fantastic.  I believe it went well, but I couldn’t get the details because his phone was about to die.  I’ll get them when he gets home.

I had a very nice, friendly, no-worries-about-unemployment day.  I got up early with John (who was heading off to WORK!), shot off some job hunt-related emails, and headed to the zoo with Margaret.  It was a bit chilly (and windy), and I think we spent more time on the metro and Connecticut Ave trying to get TO the zoo than actually in it, but it was more about hanging out anyway.  Besides, we saw the animals we really wanted to see (cheetahs, pandas, lions, tigers, panda bears, seals, gorillas, etc).  No elephants (too cold for them to be outside, and the elephant house is closed), we never found the  giraffes (though we didn’t look very hard), and we walked right out of the reptile house after we saw the scary spiked lizard with the triangle-shaped head in the first exhibit.  And it was a beautiful sunny day.

We parted at the metro to go on separate lunch dates: Margaret with an old friend, and, well, same for me.  I went to Crystal City to have lunch with Erik.  By the time we were done (after a visit to Starbucks – post-lunch coffee was a good idea), Erik could legitimately leave work, so we got on the metro and rode back to Ballston together so he could go home and I could pick up my car and get home to rescue the dogs.  Which I did.

Anyway, good day.  Not sure what’s on for dinner tonight, but champagne is definitely on the menu.

Suddenly unemployed

And not really sure what happened.  Both of us.  So, you know, no income whatsoever.  Just happened today, and we’re still reeling.  On the one hand, we’re both looking forward.  A business is a business, and I’m sure this was a business decision on their part.  I think.  I mean, they didn’t give us any reason to think otherwise.  Either way, we’re on our own and that’s okay.  Starting Monday, finding a job becomes our full time job (unless someone can come up with the perfect business we could start), and we have people to call.  Hopefully, this won’t last long.  It’s a sucky economy, yes, but this area hasn’t been hit as hard (or so I hear).  I’ll stay positive until I get shot down.  Then I may start to panic.  Worry has already set in (of course), but it’s manageable.

I have it. It’s mine.

Unfortunately, reading at work is not encouraged.

Hey, if you guys aren’t reading Roger Ebert’s blog (Roger Ebert’s Journal), you’re missing out.  He posts every four days or so.  This one hit close to home.  In a good way.  I’ve also been looking for new blogs to read.  I found a few that look promising, but I’m waiting a few days (and looking through the archives) before deciding if I want to stay with any of them.

I was having a small crisis of confidence about posting on other blogs (Am I saying something insightful or just making noise?  Will they think I’m stupid?), but I just got over it.  I wish all fears were that easy to get over.

Other priorities. Well, priority.

Tonight is about finishing my book so I can run out and buy my new book on my way to work tomorrow morning.  Which may not be the best idea, since I’ll spend all day really wishing I could be reading.  And you know, I just need to have it tomorrow.  (Because I do.  I just…do.)  I don’t necessarily need to start reading it immediately.  Which means I don’t necessarily have to finish this book tonight.  I don’t want to rush through it or anything.  Necessarily.  🙂  (Good word.  Fun to say.)

Hm.  I think I just talked myself out of the need to finish it tonight.  Which isn’t to say I won’t spend all evening reading – now I’m repeating myself.  No pressure!

One more day, please

I really needed today.  Yesterday was a very good day, but it was pretty tiring.  The weather let us down early on (it wasn’t raining), so we got up as planned and went to Wolf Trap for the hardest 5K ever.  Seriously, half of it was uphill, including the second half of the first mile and the very last part of the race.  We had to run uphill to the finish line!  That’s just mean.  But it was good and it felt great to be done with it.  We headed home to finish the cleaning we’d started Friday night.  John’s parents and one of his sisters arrived around 1pm, maybe a little later, to spend the day and celebrate John’s birthday.  They brought food (his mom makes the greatest chicken parmesan), cake, and presents, and we had a really good time.  It’s just that whenever we have people in the house, we’re not totally relaxed.  We’re on, and being on for that long takes a lot out of us.  They left around 9:30 or so, we did a little more cleaning up, and that was it.  The house looks great, though (no clutter on the island or the kitchen counters!), and we’re going to really make an effort to keep it that way.  We say that every time, but we’ve made it one day so far and everything still looks good.  We took the extra desk out of the dining room (put it in the basement), so there’s more space there.  Which we’ll need, of course, because we want a new (bigger) dining room table.  Before Thanksgiving, if possible.  We’re looking at a minimum of nine people this Thanksgiving, with the possibility of up to four more.

Anyway, today was kind of a lazy day.  We started with a walk, to stretch out our aching calves.  We took the dogs and went to the store before breakfast.  (We were out of eggs.)  After breakfast, John started working on his midterm.  Aside from a break to go get his hair cut, he’s been working on it all day.  He’s about halfway done.  I cleaned up the yard, did a lot of laundry, and read.

I’d like another day off before going back to work, but I just can’t have everything, can I?

Trains. And khakis.

It’s completely dark outside, but I can hear the buzz of a lawn mower next door.  Who mows their lawn in the dark?  My neighbor, he of the electric lawn mower and really long extension cord.  He is, again, mowing in khakis.  What is it with people doing active things (running a 5K, mowing a lawn) in khakis lately?  Do people do it all the time and I just don’t notice it much?  I mean, run (or mow) in whatever you’re comfortable in, by all means, but I will still point and laugh (if only in my head so I can appear nicer than I am).  I can’t imagine what would cause me to make the decision to run a race in khakis.  Well, that’s not true.  I have an imagination, and I know how to use it.  I’d do it if someone paid me enough (and if I still get to wear running shoes), I’d do it if khakis were the only clothes available to me (I’d rather run wearing khaki pants than no pants.), I’d do it if someone were threatening my life (or anyone’s, really) if I didn’t.  But I would expect people to be puzzled by it.  This train of thought has gone on long enough.

Where did my free time go?

You know what’s been driving me a little crazy the last couple of days?  Not having enough time to read my book (so I can be done with it and ready for the new one next Tuesday).  Solution?  This is all I’m posting tonight.  I’m off to read my book.

P.S. My new job is going fine.  I’m in training, and my new office-mate is great.

Happy Birthday, John! And good luck!

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday, dear John,

Happy birthday to you!

Today is John’s birthday (in case you couldn’t tell), and, sadly, he has to give a presentation in class today.  But he’s ready, and it’ll be great (repeat that with a Scottish accent, please), and when he comes home, we’ll have a yummy birthday dinner and an ice cream cake.  Hopefully, his present will be there when I get home.

Good luck with your presentation!

A very movie weekend

This weekend was all about the movies.  I watched Babe, Get Smart, The Women, and The Philadelphia Story.  I loved BabeGet Smart was okay, but not as funny as it should have been.  The Women was not good.  It was watchable, but only just.  I liked The Philadelphia Story (Katherine Hepburn looked fantastic), but I prefer High Society. Even though High Society went so far as to steal whole lines of dialogue from the original.  Actually, I think the comparison made me enjoy The Philadelphia Story all the more.

The rain is gone and it’s early on a sunny Monday morning.  Time for breakfast, and then I’m off to my first day on my new job!