Typing is hard…

…when your ring finger is wrapped in a band-aid.  It’s huge, and I keep hitting extra keys.  I don’t really need the band-aid anymore, but the tip of the finger is still really sensitive, and typing actually hurts without it.  So I guess I do need the band-aid.

This weekend it was my turn to slice my finger.  John and I drove to PA after work Friday night.  We got there about 10:30, and I cut my finger on something in trunk when I reached for my bag.  Didn’t hurt all that much, but it got my attention when blood started dripping down my hand.  We were still outside (and it was very dark), so I couldn’t see the cut at all.  Anyway, I somehow managed to slice the tip of my finger.  I still don’t know on what.  But it’s been a pain in the butt and it’s taking too long to heal.

The weekend was fun.  Lots of driving, but that part wasn’t so bad.  We drove to and from Long Island with Emily and Molly in the backseat.  It was fun.

John and I took yesterday off from work so we could have a day to ourselves and get some stuff done.  We tackled the first part of the basement, took care of the yard, and I got a pedicure.  I was overdue for that.  We watched In America Sunday night.  That was a sweet movie.  We had no sense of what kind of movie it was supposed to be, so we kept waiting for truly awful things to happen.  I guess I thought it was supposed to be a depressing movie.  Not sure why.

Too hard to type.  I’m fixing too many typos.  I quit.

Let’s go already!

I’m ready to go.  The dogs are at the kennel, our stuff is in the car, my head is already north of Leesburg, but my body is still stuck at work.  Funny how that happens.  We have another 40 minutes to go here, at least, and knowing how Fridays usually turn out, it’s probably more like an hour or more.  Maybe we’ll get lucky.

I feel like I had a very productive morning, but I didn’t really get up any earlier.  I just didn’t go for a run.  I ran errands, instead.  Well, first I finished my book, The Book Thief.  It was really good.  I’m only mentioning that I finished it this morning because that means I started my day off crying.  I mean, crying.  But I’m okay now.  🙂  Mindy, add this to your summer reading list.  Right behind People of the Book.

I started The Android’s Dream, by John Scalzi, but I haven’t gotten far enough yet to decide if I’ll like it.

I can see clearly now…

I forgot to call Mom and Dad to wish them a happy anniversary yesterday.  I called them this morning, apologized, and chatted for about half an hour.  Then I spent the rest of the day working pretty steadily.  Except for the hour I took off to go back to the eye doctor.  They got my lenses in, so I went to try them on and see the doctor.  I can see!  It’s such a big difference.  I’ve been wearing my glasses for the last few days since those other contacts were almost worse than not wearing any contacts.  I haven’t updated the prescription in my glasses yet, so that’s not perfect either, but it was a lot better.  Now, I have the contacts that actually correct for my astigmatism, and everything is clear.  But the doctor wants me to see a cornea specialist.  He thinks I might have Terrien’s Disease.  He said that could be the cause of the rapid change in my eyesight over the last two years.  I’ll google it tomorrow.

We got home from work and pretty much collapsed.  I did laundry and we watched a couple of old episodes of ER.  I never watched it when it was actually on, but John has been recording them, so I watch with him.  I like them the same way I like Law & Order.  It’s not a big deal if I miss episodes, but I enjoy them when they’re on.  Mostly.  I still think ER goes too far with the graphic medical stuff.  I don’t really like to watch those parts.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  Getting up early to take the dogs to the kennel, then get the oil changed in the car.  Then to work, and we’ll be there until 6pm at least.  Then we’ll hit the road to go to John’s parents’ house.  Three hours under normal conditions, but probably longer since we’ll hit the tail end of rush hour.  But today was a good day at work, so hopefully tomorrow will be, too.

Might not get it done

There are only two things I have to get done between tonight and Friday evening, and it looks like one of them might not happen.

  1. Oil change.  Before we drive to PA Friday night, and then to Long Island Saturday morning, I really need to get the oil changed in my car.  I can probably get that done during a lunch break or something tomorrow or Friday.
  2. Pedicure.  I really want a pedicure before the weekend.  It’s not totally necessary, but I’d feel a lot better with one.  I just don’t think I can get away with that over a lunch break, and I don’t think the new place near me is open late enough for me to be able to do it after work tomorrow.  No website, so I can’t call to get the hours.  On the other hand, a pedicure might be a nice thing to do on our Monday off.

Of course, there are plenty of other things to do between now and hitting the road on Friday, but those are already planned for.  Packing (okay, more like picking out clothes), dropping the dogs at the kennel before work on Friday, …hm.  That might be it.  No more running between now and Monday, either, since we’re meeting our new financial guy at 8am tomorrow and dropping the dogs early on Friday.

My only point today is that it’s going to be a busy few days.

An about-face from yesterday

Yesterday morning, the alarm went off at 6am, and we woke up to a thunderstorm.  Running was out of the question, so we went back to sleep to the sound of the rain.  We’d really wanted to run, though, so we tried again at 6:30.  More thunder.  Thrilled, we went back to sleep until 7:30.  And then snoozed until 8.  It was the perfect morning to stay in bed.

This morning, the sun was shining, birds were chirping, and it was almost easy to get up.  I’m just back from three miles, and I feel pretty good.  I should be busy at work today, so I probably won’t get around to chronicling this past weekend, but I will soon.

Last night, John and I stopped at the Hair Cuttery in Lansdowne on our way home.  He got a great haircut.  Mine is too short.  And I could see it happening.  I told her (Leila – I need to remember her name so I can be sure I’m much clearer with her next time) I wanted my hair to fall just under my chin when it’s dry.  She started marking where my chin is with my hair wet.  I asked how much my hair will shorten as it dries.  She said hardly any.  I knew that wasn’t right.  My hair is at least a half-inch shorter when it’s dry than when it’s wet.  But I figured she was the professional.  So she cut my hair, wet, to my chin.  Naturally, now that it’s dry, it’s TOO SHORT.  Practically to the bottom of my ears.  It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not what I wanted!  I don’t particularly like it, and neither does John.  I’ll play with it when I blow it dry today and see what happens.

Watched a movie today

We had a full, yet relaxing, very nice weekend with Mom and Dad that I will write all about.  Tomorrow, maybe.  Today, I just wanted to drop in and talk briefly about The Jane Austen Book Club. The movie, not the book.  I read the book a few years ago…wow, maybe five or more years ago, when Mom sent it to me while I was at sea.  I think.  Regardless, I wasn’t crazy about it.  I just never really cared about the characters, and I didn’t really like how the plots of the individual Austen books were mirrored as they read them.  I watched the movie today (finished it about 20 minutes ago), and I liked it much more than I liked the book.  I got to the end and cared if they were happy.  I’m sure they changed it from the book (I don’t remember it well enough to know what was changed), and maybe that’s what made me like it.  Maybe I just needed to see the people.  Whatever.  Not going to over-analyze this.  Or analyze it all, really.  It was a nice movie.

Everything is wonderful now

It’s Friday.  Better than that, it’s the end of the workday on Friday.  We’re leaving work any minute now (I’m waiting to hear from John), and then we get to go home, collect Mom and Dad, and go have fondue for dinner.  And wine.

Mom and Dad got in safe last night, and we went home and didn’t do anything for the evening.  It was nice.  🙂  No one stayed up late.  Mom struggled for a while, but then she gave up.  Time for bed.  When we left for work this morning, they were settled on the couch, CNN on, coffee in hand, with an eventful day of laundry ahead of them.  I was a teensy bit jealous.

Any minute now…

Making up for short posts

This week has been kind of a disaster.  All minor disasters, but nothing has been going as planned.  And that drives me crazy.  I mean, there was the toilet thing Sunday night, followed by John’s trip to the ER, and then Roxy had a seizure in the middle of the night, so we slept in Monday morning instead of getting up to run.  We were up late Monday night (11:30 or so) because we had band rehearsal (which went really well, actually), and then we got up early to run Tuesday morning.  We were up late Tuesday night replacing the toilet, which I think is why we were too tired to run Wednesday morning, and then last night we were up late cleaning and stuff, and rather than run this morning, we got up relatively early to finish cleaning.

So not enough sleep, very little exercise, and lots of scrambling to get things done in between.  This is not a recipe for a good week.  And on top of that, today feels like a Friday.  Now that’s just not fair.  On the other hand, I get to leave work early today to go pick up Mom and Dad from the airport.

Our only plans for this weekend with Mom and Dad revolve around eating.  I have no idea what we’re going to do when we’re not having dinner, but I’m sure we can figure that out.  Mom really wants to go to The Melting Pot, so I called last week and made a reservation for tomorrow night.  They can do gluten-free, and when I spoke to them before Mom and Dad left for France, they told me we should get a two-burner table.  So I called last week, and the woman I spoke to told me she couldn’t guarantee me a two-burner table on Friday night because those are busy nights.  So what’s the point of the reservation?  I asked her how the gluten-free thing would work if we were at a one-burner table, and she told me that the second pot would come out after we’re done with the first.  So Dad would not be eating at the same time as the rest of us.  Totally ridiculous, and there’s no way we’re doing that.  She was not helpful at all.  Basically, I can call ahead, maybe an hour before the reservation, to see how likely it is we’ll get a two-burner table, at which point we could decide whether or not we were going.  I was telling Corey about it this morning, and he wondered why I didn’t talk to a manager.  I have no idea.  I usually don’t hesitate to call customer service foul, but it didn’t even occur to me.  Duh.  Anyway, I called to confirm the reservation this afternoon, with that in mind.  I talked to a very nice man (Dave, I think) who confirmed our reservation, but didn’t know we were a) gluten-free and b) requesting a two-burner table.  That woman last week was completely useless.  Our reservation has been updated, and Dave assured me we will get a two-burner table.  I’ll probably still check tomorrow evening before we leave the house, but I feel better about it.

You know what else I screwed up this week?  Book club.  Again. We were supposed to meet Tuesday night to talk about Peace Like a River, and I didn’t remember until 9:45 that night (after the toilet was fixed).  Maybe I should just quit, since I haven’t been to a meeting since the first one, back in February.  Oh, and I am definitely missing the next one.  It’s on the day John and I will be going to Cambridge, MD for the corporate conference.  But speaking of book clubs, one of the events at the conference is a book club discussion.  The corporate committee came up with a list, and each employee chose a book to read.  We have discussion groups set up for one of the conference days.  I’ll be reading Dune and trying to figure out how “the lessons, issues, and/or actions of the characters could be applied to how we operate” at work.

Quick update

John did get the toilet installed last night.  He went to a local plumbing supply store that was open past 9pm.  Works great.  ‘Cause, you know, I thought you guys might be worried.  🙂  We spent the evening putting the house back together.  We each have a short list of things to do in the morning, and then it’s done.  And I pick up Mom and Dad tomorrow afternoon.  Yay!

Okay, John is waiting for me, so that’s it for now.  Maybe I’ll babble at work tomorrow.

We bought a toilet today! Also, baby geese.

That’s a first for us.  We realized we couldn’t just replace the tank (no one carries Briggs toilets, apparently), so we bought a whole new toilet before work this morning.  We’ve been home for almost two hours, and John has spent that whole time trying to install it.  Of course, it shouldn’t be taking him that long, but this is not his fault.  We can’t get a watertight seal.  We need a thicker wax seal or something, and we definitely need longer bolts.  So maybe tomorrow we’ll have a working toilet in the hall bathroom upstairs.  Maybe.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…..

BABY GEESE!  Well, they’re more like teenage geese by now.  I saw them as we were leaving work today and pulled over so I could take pictures.  Because, yes, I am still carrying my camera around.  They’re not the greatest pictures ’cause every time I tried to get close, the adult geese started to charge.  Mouths open.  That’s a little scary.

Not exactly as planned

Today and tonight did not go exactly like we expected.  First thing today, we mowed, weeded, mulched, and trimmed, all so we could spend the rest of the day doing whatever we wanted.  But that took three hours and we hadn’t had breakfast yet.  A little later, I was practicing and John was fixing the toilet that won’t stop running, but he somehow managed to break the tank (the bottom cracked open), so we had to get the shop vac and suck up all the water.  After that, John picked up the broken tank and sliced two of his fingers on the apparently very sharp broken porcelain.  So, since one of the cuts wouldn’t stop bleeding and we couldn’t tell how deep it was, we went to ER in Lansdowne.  About an hour and a half, a couple of band-aids, and one tetanus shot later, we were back home.  John’s fine.  But the hall bathroom is a wreck, and while we were grilling our steaks, the propane ran out.  We had another tank, so John hooked that up and then set both steaks on fire.  I’m not sure how that happened, really.  They were perfect on the inside, but pretty charred on the outside.

Summary: John broke the hall toilet, got a tetanus shot, and burned our steaks.  🙂

It’s official!

I got the letter and certificate today.  I have been honorably discharged from the Navy, as of May 25, 2009 (Memorial Day, coincidentally).  I wouldn’t say I’d been worried about it, but the threat of not getting out was certainly hanging over my head.  I can see it now that’s it’s not an issue.  Now that I’ve burst into tears of relief while reading that letter.  It’s over!  Hooray for me!

Stop raining!

I’m getting really tired of this.  I know later I’ll wish for rain, but does it have to rain every day?  It was beautiful and sunny for the first half of today, and then around 3 or 4 it started to pour (thunder and everything), and it hasn’t stopped since then (it’s 6:30 now).  Stop it!

Also, I’m still at work, which really sucks.  I’m not working any more today, but John still has stuff to do, so I’m stuck.  So I just watched the season finale of Fringe (which is coming back next season – yay!), and boy, was that a good ending.  They knew exactly how to get a visceral reaction from their entire audience.  Lost did not have that kind of ending.  On the other hand, Lost made me tear up a bit.  Just a bit.  🙂

Hey, I think John’s done and we can go.  Hooray for the weekend!

Blame it on the rain

It finally feels like summer.  I know it’s early, I know summer doesn’t actually start until June 20th (or 19th or 21st – who cares?), but as far as I’m concerned, summer starts as soon as it’s reliably 80 degrees outside.  Memorial Day helps.  Today, it was cloudy and muggy all morning, and then out of nowhere, the skies opened and it just POURED.  For about 10 minutes.  Now the clouds are thinning and the sun is trying to peek through.  That’s summer.  And I like it, except that I’m still worried about my poor plants.  This is why I don’t like doing anything with the yard.  Too much rain should not be a reason for worry!  Hmm.  Let me rephrase.  Flash floods and other water-related disasters aside, too much rain should not be a reason for me to worry about anything, let alone my yard.  I don’t want to get attached to this flower bed.  The whole point, the reason I planted the things I planted, was to keep me from having to worry about it.  No (okay, less) weeding, no fuss.  Just plants.

Anything else?  Yes.  I went to the eye doctor last night, and apparently, my eyesight is both a little better and much worse than it was last time I went (almost two years ago).  I’m a little less nearsighted than I was, but my astigmatism (which used to only affect my left eye) is much worse and affects both eyes now.  So I need whole new prescriptions.  My contacts are easy, but I’m not sure when I’m going to get around to getting new lenses for my glasses.  Maybe over the weekend.  And apparently, the whole box of left contact lenses (the foggy ones) was defective, so that was definitely not caused by my eye.  Good to know.

Is this a sign I’m getting old?  I’m starting to obsess over plants and I’m going blind.

Where to start?

Seriously, it’s been a busy few days.  Today was super-intense for me at work, with deadlines and micromanaging and furious typing and all that.  Not much fun.  But over, for now.

We spent Saturday in Maryland with Jess and Chuck (and her parents and Jack, Rachel, and Alex).  We met them at the Harris Crab House (on the other side of Annapolis) as a surprise for Chuck.  We were celebrating his recent promotion to Master Chief (Way to go, Chuck!  I mean, Master Chief!  🙂  ), and after a very messy (but delicious) lunch of crabs and crab legs, corn on the cob, and mussels and things, we went back to their house to hang out for a while.  We had a very low-key afternoon (John and Cody spent some time playing guitars and stuff upstairs, and the rest of us watched Alex (who’s almost two) run around the house – very entertaining), and John and I headed back home around seven or so.  It was about 9:30 when we got home.  It really only takes two hours to get home from there, but we just had to stop for ice cream.  Maggie Moo’s was mobbed, which really shouldn’t have been a surprise after dinner on the Saturday night of Memorial Weekend.  The ice cream was worth it, though.  I love Better Batter.  We got to bed late because we finally watched the last two hours of Lost.  I think we wanted to get up early Sunday morning, but I can’t remember why now.  And I don’t think we really did…maybe by nine.  Nine something.  Whatever, not important.  The important thing is that I spent FOUR HOURS weeding my flower bed Sunday afternoon.  Got it completely clear, and I really wish I had taken before and after pictures.  What a difference.  Sunday night we watched Atonement (also finally – we’ve had it since February).  I read the book a long time ago (shortly after it was published, I think – it was one of those books Mom sent me when we lived in San Diego).  It was good, but I don’t think I could say I liked it.  The movie brought it all back (which was to be expected, of course).  John…didn’t like it, I think.  I can’t decide.  I think the movie was really good, really well done, etc, but did I like it?  Maybe not.  Of course, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Anyway, Monday morning we did get up early.  Joe called us Sunday night to invite us to run a 5K with him Monday morning in Falls Church and then hang out, but while it sounded like fun, it was too last minute and I had big plans for Monday.  🙂  I got up, went to Panera to pick up breakfast, and then went to the nursery to buy my flower bed plants!  After how many weeks of planning and procrastinating?  Let’s not talk about that.  Instead, let’s talk about how it’s done!  All done!  (Except for the mulching.  Soon.)  I spent an hour or so at the nursery, bought some soil and 28 plants, and then spent another four hours (maybe a little more) digging up the whole bed, and then planting my flowers and ground cover and stuff.  A couple hours later, it started to rain, and it hasn’t stopped raining since.  More than 24 hours of almost constant rain.  I’m really hoping my plants aren’t drowning.  Especially since it’s supposed to rain tomorrow, too.  These plants need sunlight!

Anyway, I feel like I really accomplished something this weekend.  We didn’t make it to the basement (to start sorting and throwing things out), but maybe we can do that this coming weekend.

I love to dance

Tonight’s lesson was wonderful.  We learned a new turn (the cuddle) for swing that I had some trouble with, but it was fun anyway, and we reviewed the foxtrot (which we’re good at now), and then at the end, our instructor (Jade) had us waltz again.  We remembered everything, no prompting needed, and we were good!  John felt confident, I was comfortable, and we felt like we were actually dancing, not stumbling through some steps.  I’m not sure I can say he likes to waltz, but he certainly feels more comfortable doing that than the foxtrot.  And I love it.  🙂  This is the best present.

On top of that, it’s Friday night, and we have a three-day weekend.  It’s going to be busy, but we’ll be doing things WE want to do.  And I don’t have to worry about work for a while.  I got a lot done today (when i could concentrate), but there’s a lot more for Tuesday, and it’s possible I’ll do a little this weekend.  Not likely, but possible.  But whatever – I don’t have to do it now and I don’t have to get up early tomorrow.  We’ll need to be in the car by 11, and I want to run first, so I can’t exactly sleep in…but I won’t be awake for 6:30 tomorrow.  Oh, and I’ll need time to find something I look thin in.  I felt fat today.

The Barenaked Ladies are stuck in my head

Well, they are.  It’s getting a bit crowded. They’ve driven out every other thought.  Them and South Park.

Wow.  Red Bull commercials sound like drug commercials (“Red Bull gets you high!  I mean, gives you wings!”), but this other energy drink commercial (5-hour something?) just went on and on about how it doesn’t have any sugar in it (so it’s healthy?), but it’ll keep you alert for five hours.  Like…speed?  How’s the crash after 5 hours?  I hate energy drinks.

Happy Anniversary, Mindy and Mark!

Three years today.  Woohoo!

I have a lot to do today (and my eyes feel normal now, thank you very much), so I may not be able to revisit this later.  I have to stay focused at work, and I have errands to run and some straightening up and cleaning to do when I get home.  My running has suffered terribly over the last week (from laziness last week, and over the weekend and the first few days of this week from lack of time), but I’ll be climbing back on the eat-right wagon today.  Please ignore the tall skim white mocha from Starbucks this morning.  (Damn!  Slipping already!  Okay, I’m eating right starting….NOW!)

Quick to-do list:

  1. Work – become an expert in this thing I have to have a meeting about tomorrow
  2. Grocery store on the way home from work
  3. Move drumset out of guest room
  4. Vacuum upstairs, make the beds, clean the bathroom

Not too bad.