I have a massive headache right now.  Probably sinus-related, but I can also feel it at the base of my skull.  Not fun.  To distract myself from it, I’m going to tell you about the best part of my day today.  I went for a run this morning.  Three miles.  Not anything huge, and it was kinda hard, but I was doing okay.  Right at the very end, I came up to a corner in the neighborhood just as John (who had also gone for a run) got to the same corner from another direction.  I slowed down to meet him, but he wasn’t quite done.  He took a turn to the right (onto the street I’d been running along) and kept going, so I picked up the pace a little to catch up.  I just wanted to jog along next to him, but he heard me coming and went a little faster.  So I went a little faster.  In the space of two house-widths (like horse-lengths, you know?), we were sprinting all out (or as all out as either of us had left after several miles each), and as long as I could keep it up, I WAS EVEN WITH HIM.  How crazy is that?  He’s nine inches taller than me.  My legs were churning as fast as I could move them and not fall down.  I felt like a cartoon of myself, like my legs weren’t visible as anything but whooshing circles.  It was awesome.

I think we should race.  Short distance, all out sprint, when we’re both fresh.