Falling in and out of love with bananas

Sometimes I like them, eat them on toast with peanut butter, as a snack, on ice cream or cereal.  Other times they kinda gross me out.  They’re mushy, and they have a weird texture.  I hate the strings that don’t come off with the peel.  And the smell of an overripe banana or the peel in the trash can – I shudder just thinking about that smell.  I don’t feel this way about other fruit (and I love banana pudding with nilla wafers).  I don’t find anything offensive about apples or strawberries or cantaloupe.  Or clementines.  (I can’t include oranges in this list – hate the seeds.)  Or grapes.  Grapes are wonderful.  Had some for lunch today.

Okay.  I haven’t been getting to bed early enough for all the running I keep planning on doing, so ridiculous as this post is, it’s going up.  Forgive me and come back tomorrow.

My banana, my banana….my banana