Way to ruin breakfast, dude

We are boycotting Graul’s Market (the nearest grocery store) from here on out.  For the second time in less than 6 months, we have opened a brand new sealed gallon of milk with a sell-by date over a week in the future to find it spoiled.  John got a face full of the smell when he opened the new gallon to add milk to his cereal, and it nearly put him off food altogether.  That’s a really awful smell.  Just the thought of it makes me shudder.

Yes, we could return the milk, but it’s not worth the trip.  We just won’t go back there.  It’s the closest store, but it’s far enough that we have to drive, so if we’re going to get in the car anyway, we’ll just go somewhere else.  Annoying, but we’ve got less than two months to go.  We’ll manage.

We have other smell problems this evening.  I’m making salmon (so yum salmon and garlic and olive oil), but our downstairs neighbors are cooking something that clashes unpleasantly.  On its own, I’m sure it would smell delicious (when I can separate it from our dinner, I get something sweet and warm, like cake, but not dessert), but mixed with salmon and garlic?  Not so great.