Work is messing with my plans!  I found out this afternoon that I have to go downtown tomorrow to babysit our client.  They’re testing our application, and my boss decided it would be good for us (and them) if I were there in person to answer questions tomorrow, instead of available by phone and email like I was today.  It’s a pain for me, but the visibility certainly can’t hurt us.  It’s messing with my plans because I’ll have to leave the house no later than 7:30 tomorrow morning, meaning I won’t have time to run.  I was counting on using Thursday as my day off.  It probably doesn’t matter much in the long run (or even the short run, really), but I was on a roll.

I do get to wear some of my new clothes.  (yay!)  And my red coat is still in pretty good shape, so my jacket dilemma has been resolved for now.  (I’ll be wearing gray pants, black shoes, and either a red or navy blue top.  The pants don’t have a matching jacket, and I don’t have a black coat, so I was trying to decide if I could get away with a brown leather jacket as my coat tomorrow.  The answer ranged from “not really” to “definitely not.”  I’m glad my red coat isn’t dirty.)

When I called Dad tonight (it’s his birthday – Happy Birthday, Dad!), I could hear Gaby shrieking in the background (in a she’s-having-fun way, not a she’s-tired-and-cranky way), but she didn’t want to talk to me.  Not unusual.  I wonder if she really knows who I am.  I mean, I know Corey and Candy use family pictures to identify all of her relatives for her, but in her head, am I a distinct person, distinguishable from any other her other aunts?  She’s only 3 years old, and she’s only seen me half a dozen times in her life – at what age do kids really remember people they don’t see every day?  I really don’t know anything about child development.  I know she knows who I am when I’m there.  I just wonder if she really knows who I am when I’m not there.  Whatever.  Rambling.

John’s back from his lesson and I have to get up early.


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