We’re going to boycott Halloween this year.  (This’ll be the first year little kids will come to our door and not get all excited about the “Doggies!”)  Shouldn’t be hard, considering we haven’t decorated or bought any candy.  Rather than sit in a dark house (which would be kinda spooky, actually) and pretend we’re not home, we’re going to the movies so as to actually not be home (leaving a dark house to creep out the neighbors).

I’m in avoidance mode.


I hope I still have friends

I have a list called “Don’t be a jerk”, and all of the items on it are people I need to email.  People I WANT to email.  People I like, people I like to talk to.  People I am NOT currently talking to because, obviously, I’m a jerk.  And I need reminding so that I will not act like one.  I am slowly working my way through this list.  And yes, YOU are on it.  Because I like you and I don’t want to be a jerk to you.  Any more.  (And I’m sorry.)  And perhaps I should stop writing here and start writing that email to you.  Hm, yes.  Good idea.

P.S. I’m using Google Keep for my lists.  I like it.

I don’t know how to say this

It’s hard to write posts like this (she says, having only written one other one ever – hey, it was hard that time, too).  I’ve been avoiding it, although you probably couldn’t tell because it looked a lot like not posting and I’ve been doing a LOT of that lately.  So much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if no one reads this.  Which would be okay, I guess.  And only fair.

Riley is no longer with us.  We said goodbye last Saturday morning (the 18th).

The house is much quieter now.