It wasn’t all bad, I promise!

I realize I’ve posted nothing but negative things these last few days, and I’d hate for you to think I didn’t enjoy myself.  I totally did.  Molly and I got our nails done on Sunday, and Tom and I lost to Molly and Tania (by a whisker) and John and Emily (by a lot) at Taboo on Christmas Day.  John and I kicked everyone’s butts (especially Emily and Sean’s) at Cranium on Saturday night.  Christmas itself was a very fun day, as usual.  Molly got me possibly my favorite present of the year.  I am now the proud owner of a TARDIS hat.

Also, I have a flashing Rudolph nose, but I only wear it on special occasions.


I’ll stay up and moan

Home now.  Still sick.  Thoroughly exhausted.  I think I could have been good at writing telegrams.  We were right on the edges of that big snowstorm that is heading northeast, so there were multiple accidents on the highway this afternoon, and John and I took an alternate route home.  It took us five hours, but the GPS said staying on the highway would have taken almost seven.  Eight, really, since we’d been on the road for an hour when we checked. So we’re home, and the car is unloaded, and the Chinese food has been ordered, and John is out getting milk and yogurt.  Roxy is resting on her own bed.  She was really good this past week.  Very quiet, no accidents, no incidents with Mabel – she was the perfect houseguest-dog.  My head feels both clearer and runnier than it has for days.  I think that’s an improvement, but I’m so over this horrible cold/congestion/sinus infection/HORRIBLE THING I could just scream.  But that would make me cough. And THAT would make me dive head first into a fire pit.  (Because it might feel better.  Also because it was 57 degrees in the house when we walked in, and a fire pit would probably be warmer.)

Still alive

Okay, people, it’s time for Christmas.  I just spent two hours in a thoroughly depressing walk-in clinic, and I need some lights, some presents, and some music, stat!  (Turns out I have a sinus infection, but I’m all doped up now and will hopefully be on the mend soon.)

Coughing for Christmas

Why am I sick again?  Is this some cruel joke?  I was better for a few days, maybe even a whole week, and then I woke up with a sore throat Thursday morning, and now I’m a wreck.  I’m drinking water like there’s no tomorrow, which means I’m going to the bathroom every 15 minutes or so, and I’m congested and coughing my head off.  This is getting old.  Everyone keeps asking me what they can do to make me feel better, and I appreciate that, I really do, but there isn’t anything anyone can do.  I have medicine (although it doesn’t seem to be doing anything), and I have lots of water and lots of tea and lots of kleenex – what else is there?  Oh, it’s time for ibuprofen.  Ouch, people.  This sucks.

Slow week

People annoy me.  I had lunch today with someone I’ve barely seen or talked to in months (we don’t work together anymore), and it was kinda good and kinda awful.  Awful like I don’t want to talk to her anymore.  Good like it was nice to catch up, but awful like after about 20 minutes, I couldn’t handle listening to her (and didn’t want to share anything from my life, either).  Lunch ended eventually, though, and I got to come home and relax a little and then I got to go to yoga and relax a lot.  And now I have to give Roxy her medicine (her 5 tons of medicine), so I’m off.  Sorry for the lack of entertainment going on up in here.


Hey, guys?  The Hobbit was disappointing.  I won’t ruin it for anyone with details, but…hm.  I can’t say a whole lot more without ruining it.  Here’s the thing, though – once I get past it not being what I hoped, it was still entertaining.  It just wasn’t what I expected from Peter Jackson, after he took such care with The Lord of the Rings movies (with one major exception for which I haven’t forgiven him).  So see it, by all means, but lower your expectations.


My sweet puppy

Last Friday was one of the worst days of my life.  It was the first day of the worst week of my life.  On the advice of our regular vet, we took Roxy to see an internal medicine specialist, and after an ultrasound, she told us that Roxy has end-stage liver disease and, to quote the vet, “her time is short.”  We hoped she’d be able to give us some idea of just how short after we got some test results (due the end of this week).  We spent the rest of Friday totally devastated and looking for ways to baby her.  We cancelled the kennel reservation for her for Christmas; she’s coming with us.  We bought low protein dog food and dog treats.  She’s taking more medication than ever, and because her paws are all screwed up (the pads are cracked and dry), we’re massaging her feet daily with this ultra-vaseline stuff called Bag Balm (so called because it was originally developed for farmers to use on cow udders).  We spent all week wondering just how bad her liver disease is and how much longer Roxy might have.  She didn’t seem to be in pain, and the medicine appeared to be helping her, at least a little.  She doesn’t move away when I sit down next to her on the floor (like she used to).  Is that because she’s more willing to let me stay close?  Or because it’s too difficult for her to get up and move?  I nearly broke down in Wegmans while picking out low protein dog treats. It was a horrible week.

This morning, we finally got the phone call from the vet with Roxy’s test results (part of them, anyway).  Surprise!  Turns out Roxy’s liver is functioning normally.  That’s great news!  I mean, it really is, REALLY, but did we have to go through all of that?  It’s too soon to say she’s out of the woods entirely, but her days are no longer numbered (not any more than any other 9-year-old epileptic dog).  Her paws are still in bad shape, her liver enzymes are still a little high, she’s still a little anemic, and we haven’t gotten the thyroid test results back yet.  BUT.  Her liver has not failed.  It may have some issues, but it’s functioning NORMALLY.  She doesn’t need to be on a low-protein diet. SHE’S OKAY.  But that vet needs to be more careful about what she tells people.

(I’m still going to baby Roxy.  She needs babying.)

Can’t do it

Hey, guys, I tried.  I only have one thing on my mind today, and I will most likely write about it tomorrow.  I stared and stared at this little blank window, but I came up empty.  Also, I’m tired and also also, I’m getting up early tomorrow, so I officially give up.  Good night!

We remembered!

For reasons I cannot explain, my internet connection is really slow tonight, so this will be short.  Today is the 12th of December, as I’m sure you’re all aware.  The entire world has gone crazy about it being 12/12/12, but that’s not what this is about.  The year is irrelevant to me, except that it helps me count.  Today, 12/12/12, is the 15th anniversary of our first kiss.  This is very nearly the first time either of us has remembered this little anniversary on the actual day.  Of course, it’s a Wednesday, and John didn’t get home until nearly six, and I have yoga tonight (in a couple of minutes, so I have to be quick here), AND his office holiday party was today, so he ate there, and I ate a quick dinner when I got home.  So….we went out for frozen yogurt.  Because we’re in luuuuuurrrrvvvve.

I don’t plan to make that a habit

We live in a very safe area.  I knew this already, but it was reinforced for me tonight.  I went out to pick up dinner from Noodles & Company (mac and cheese with meatballs for John, Bangkok curry with shrimp for me), which is located in one of those new mixed-use shopping centers, with lots of apartments upstairs and lots of shops and restaurants downstairs.  I parked right across from the place, went in, got ignored by the staff for a few minutes (for no reason I could tell – the place was completely empty), ordered our food, read my book while waiting, got the food, and left.  I was in there for maybe 15 minutes.  I walked outside and noticed my car immediately.  “Why is that so unusual?” you may ask.  “Surely you know where you parked, and since it was “right across from the place”, why wouldn’t you look right at it?”  “Well,” I might answer, “it was dark and lots of people drive cars like mine, so shut up.”  Most people, however, do NOT leave the driver’s side door open, even if it means the dome light will be on to welcome you in (which is what I saw immediately, by the by).  I’ll admit to being a little hesitant as I got closer to the car.  I mean, obviously I must have left the door open.  I seriously doubt some car thief got into my car and then left it like that.  But what if a crazy murderer had taken the opportunity to hide in my backseat?  Well, again, the light was on, and I could see that there wasn’t anyone in the car.  Couldn’t see into the back, though, so I checked the trunk, too.  THEN I got in and went home.  (Confession: I wasn’t that scared. There were lots of people around to hear me scream if I HAD found someone in the car.)  The real question is this: how on EARTH did I get out of the car and not close the door?  Usually, John gets on me because I slam it instead of closing it gently.  And it wasn’t just ajar or not quite latched – it was OPEN.  I can’t even blame this on the cold medicine.  Today was my first unmedicated day since Friday.  I should maybe just go to bed.  After I eat the rice krispie treat I’m pretty sure I got for free.  Maybe the guy felt bad for ignoring me.

Amuse me, Internet!

Miserable at home today*, but at least it’s drizzly and icky outside, too.  Better to have the outside match the inside today.  After I stopped working, I rushed for the internet looking for fun distractions.  I was disappointed.  I managed to spend several hours being distracted, but nothing stuck out as wonderfully fun today.  I might not be in the right mood.  I am in the mood for a fig newton, though.  Hey, I might be hungry again.  It’s amazing how much I don’t feel like eating much when I can’t taste anything.  Anyway, the internet failed me this evening, and I just don’t know if I can forgive it.  Also, I don’t know if I can continue making sense under the influence of cold medicine.  I was about to wax rhapsodic about Stanley Tucci.

*Today was better than yesterday – I’m definitely improving.


A slow decline into congestion

Hey, guys.  It’s miserable me, checking in.  I have a cold.  I think I put up a good fight yesterday, but I gave in when we got home last night, and I have spent all of today on the couch.  I watched a couple episodes of Arrow and a pre-election episode of SNL with John this morning, and I watched two episodes of Glee after he went upstairs to do some programming.  (He gave up on Glee a long time ago.  I’m not entirely sure why I haven’t yet.)  I think I’m TV’d out for now, and I just took some more medicine, so I’m going to curl up under a blanket and read for a while until John gets hungry.  And then I think we’re going to order Chinese so I can have egg drop soup.  I love egg drop soup, even when I can’t taste it.

Update: I burned my tongue on the egg drop soup.  Go me.

Do your #*$^^#!*@ job!

I’m uninsured right now because SOMEBODY doesn’t know how to do her job.  Irritating.  On the bright side, an uncooperative jerk in customer service who refuses to do his job gave me the opportunity to learn how to do something more technical that I used to have to rely on others to do for me.  So there’s that.

Come on, people.  You get paid to do a certain thing.  Is it really too much to ask that you just do it?

Update: She did her job (finally), so I’m covered again.  Nothing to worry about.  It’s just ridiculously annoying.

Some actors will always be remembered for being naked

I had a strange conversation with a coworker in the car on the way to DC today.

Him: Have you seen that new Sherlock show on BBC?  Isn’t it great?

Me: Yeah, I love it.  Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic.  Did you know he’s the voice of Smaug in the new Hobbit movie?  The dragon?

Him: Really?  That’s cool.  But that hobbit guy looks really weird.

Silence from me for a few seconds.

Me: You know, the guy who plays Bilbo Baggins is Watson in that Sherlock series.

Him: …That’s the power of make-up, I guess.

I went on to list other things Martin Freeman has been in, but the only response I got was, “He’s the naked guy in Love Actually?  I remember him!”