Stick with what you know

I have haircut regrets.  I went to the salon planning to just do my standard mid-length bob, maybe angled down in front, maybe stacked up short in back.  While I was there, I remembered that I wanted to do something more like this:

To be fair, my stylist did exactly what I asked her to, and I approved it before I left.

It came out KIND of like in the picture, but rounder?  Shorter?  Fluffier?  Now that I’ve had a couple of days with it….

I hate it.

It’ll grow out.  And it’ll grow fast enough probably that I can get it fixed within a month.  Probably.  And I don’t have to see anyone I know in the meantime and NO, you can’t have a picture.

I don’t like it, and this sucks.

Flat hair

My hair will never not be flat.  Not never, but what fullness I can get out of it I only keep for five minutes (ten, if I’m lucky).  We’re about to go out to dinner and a show (Whose Line Is It Anyway – so excited!), so I used my hair dryer and some volumizing…stuff and right now, right this second, my hair looks good.  By the time we get wherever it is we’re going for dinner, it will be right back to its normal flatness.

I guess that’s okay – I’m certainly used to it – but it looks so much better with a little oomph.  I’m totally jealous of people like Margaret and Jess whose hair is naturally voluminous.  Volume-full.  Volume-y.  Big.  But not, like, 80s big.  Just right big.


With sunglasses on, I feel like I’m in disguise

Game Night was great (of course), and my hair cut today went as smoothly as could be expected.  I really like the salon and my new stylist.  The color is great, and the cut WAS perfect, but David got a little snip-happy in front right at the end.  The cut right before the color is how I think I want it, where it’s longer in the front and the angle from the back is more obvious.


It’ll grow, and I can get it there.  In the meantime, it’s certainly not bad.  It’s just not as much me as I want.  We’ll leave aside that not-me is kind of the point.


Anyway, I like it. 🙂


Game night

Today was better than yesterday, that’s for sure.  Work was okay, I had a nice relaxing lunch with Christina (pho – delicious), and we’re going to spend the evening at Will and Christina’s for our first (hopefully weekly) Game Night!  It’ll be fun, it’ll be relaxing, and I will be doing my best not to be nervous about Saturday’s Big Event.  Tomorrow is the day I finally FINALLY cut my hair and color it.

If I like it, you can have pictures.  If I’m a crying mess because WHAT HAVE I DONE AND WHY WOULD I DO THIS TO MYSELF, there will be no pictures.  Wish me luck!

Give me a head with hair

Outside looks like a pretty place today.  Too bad I haven’t seen any of it yet.  The work day didn’t work out that way, unfortunately.  I’ll get out after five for a little bit, though, and the sun will still be shining.  I have a haircut scheduled!  Today is just a trim, a consultation, a get-to-know-the-new-hair-stylist kind of appointment.  If all goes well….perhaps actually cutting of length will occur.  I measured my hair today – I could lose 12 inches of hair and still have it fall near or just under my chin.  This is a possibility.  Just not for today’s appointment.  Baby steps.

It’s been TWO YEARS since I last cut my hair.  On the one hand, ridiculous.  On the other hand, meh.  Who cares?  It’s hair, and when it’s long anyway…  Maybe I shouldn’t say that to my new hair stylist.

I did it!

I stopped flip-flopping and dilly-dallying and beating around the bush and delaying and stalling and pussy-footing around and dragging my feet and hemming and hawing and lollygagging and finally cut my hair.

Before (this is last June again, but I can’t find any others that show the length):


Partied in the middle (and on my way home from the salon)

Parted on the side. Please ignore the weird smirk. I fail at selfies, and I was getting tired of retaking because my eyes were crossed or I was looking down or making a weird face or whatever. Too hard.

It’s a delight to wash.  I just might do it again someday.

Trying comics. Again.

I’ve read The Dark Knight Returns, and I’ve read The Watchmen, and I didn’t really enjoy them.  I’m not saying they’re bad (because they’re not), but maybe I just don’t like reading comics.  Maybe I need more words.

I went to the comic book store with John after we had lunch together on Monday, and I bought TWO comics (or graphic novels – at what point do they become graphic novels instead of comics?).  The guy who works there was so enthusiastic when I asked for help.  I went looking for The New Deadwardians, but I didn’t find it, so I asked, and he put everything on hold (he was ringing up John) to go search for me.  Checked two shelves, no dice, so back to his computer and to a third shelf.  Well, after all that, I HAD to buy it.  (Also, I went looking for it because I think Jess suggested it, and as we all know, I do whatever Jess tells me to do.)  I bought something else the guy suggested, too, but I can’t remember what it is right now, and I can’t muster the energy to get up and look.  Something about being similar to Ocean’s Eleven but stealing a ghost instead of money.

Speaking of doing whatever others tell me to, Mindy thinks I should stop using shampoo.  I’m sure it’s not just me – she probably think everyone should stop using shampoo.  I’m going to see if the organic shampoo I have has those chemicals all the websites say are so awful.  And in the meantime, I’ll THINK about going the baking soda route.  Really.  (I’m spending entirely too much time thinking about my hair.)


I want to get my hair cut.  I think.  And I want to dye it.  I think.  (Dark purplish red – do an image search for purplish red hair and focus on the darker ones.)  And I’d like to do both of those things soon.  I think.  At the same time?  Maybe.  Here’s the thing (and it’s a minor thing): Emily’s wedding is in July.  I’d like my hair to be long enough to put up by then (by a professional, of course – I’m useless at that), or at least long enough to be made all fancy (again, professionals needed).  So if I cut it short, I need to do it soon, or else I could cut it not that short.  Anything above the shoulders will do.*  But if I cut my hair now, I think I want to chop it off at my chin (because I’ve done it before and it works).  Will it grow enough in six months?  If I cut off that much, I’ll have enough for a Locks of Love donation (I think), which is something I’d like to do because 1) it’s a nice thing to do, 2) how many times in your life do you have enough hair to do it? (you need to be cutting off 10 inches), and 3) I can think of literally nothing else that can be done with hair once it’s cut off (that isn’t completely creepy and gross), and it’s kind of neat to have a purpose for it.

What’s the hold-up?  Nerves.  What if it doesn’t look good?  What if it’s a bad haircut?  I feel like my long hair helps to make my face look longer and thinner.  If I cut it shorter, will my face look fat?  (Honest to god, ridiculous as it sounds, I’m actually worried about my haircut making my face look fat.  Shut up.)  Should I dye it while it’s long?  I like the idea of having long flowing dark purplish red hair.  But I’m getting tired of the long hair thing.  I could dye it long, keep it that way for a week, and then get it cut.  But it’d be cheaper to dye if there’s less of it, so I could cut it and then dye it.  The dye thing is only temporary – I like my hair the color it is.  I just want to try it out a little more permanently then I did last year.

I’m not usually this bad at decisions (except for dinner – that decision sucks sometimes (a lot of the time)).  I’ve been considering this one for a while, and I’m no closer to the end than when I started thinking about it.  Help!

*Not true.  No pixie cuts.

For reference, it looks like this now (and has looked like this for at least a couple of years).

I probably have a more recent picture (this is from last June), but it would require effort to find one. Too hard. June was only 7 months ago.

Who painted the target on my back?

I got hacked again this weekend.  Not the website this time, but my email.  I apologize to anyone who was spammed by me early Sunday morning (which appears to be everyone I’ve ever emailed from that account, and I’ve had that account for…15 years (ish), so that’s a lot of people). As soon as I noticed it, I changed my password for every account that uses that password.

Other than that, things are going well (which I feel oddly compelled to tell you as if we just ran into each other after a long break).  My vacation-bred serenity with regard to all things work-related is officially gone, but that only covers a third of my day.

Dude.  I went to a new (to me) salon to get a haircut (freshened the layers, kept the length – hey, this is important stuff) the other weekend.  I was very happy with the haircut, but not 100% sure about the guy who cut it.  He was very good, but kind of standoffish and very disapproving about how long it had been since my last haircut and how very much I don’t like to have to do anything to my hair every day.  And he didn’t talk to me.  So it was a little awkward.  Anyway, you know how I don’t answer any calls unless I know who’s calling?  (Nod.  I’ve said this before.)  Well, I broke my rule.  A local number I didn’t recognize just came up on my cell phone (like in between the two paragraphs up there – totally interrupted whatever boring train of thought I had going on), and I answered it.  The salon I went to is one of 15 in a local chain.  The woman who called me was the owner of the chain.  She said she always calls new clients.  She was super nice, and when she asked me to rate my hair-stylist and I only gave him an 8.5 (based on the vibe), she suggested two other stylists at the same location who might be better for me because “first impressions are important and you should be happy with who does your hair.”  She just found herself a loyal client.

It might be easier to be bald

Used to be, back in the old days, my hair was a pain when I exercised because it was short.  Too short to pull back.  It got in my face and my eyes, and the wind whipped it around while I was running, and was all around annoying.  Then it was long enough to put in a ponytail and everything was fine.  For years, I had no problem with my ponytail.  But for years, I never ran for more than an hour and usually not much more than 40 minutes.  Lately, as my runs get longer, I’m out longer, I’m sweating more (and for longer), and my hair is getting grosser.  My long ponytail gets soaked with sweat and matted and tangled to the point where I can’t get a comb through it.  After 11 miles on Saturday, I had to wash my hair twice, the second time with shampoo that was also a conditioner, before I could get the tangles out.  Not cool.  So I’m searching for a solution.  I need another hairstyle for exercise.  (I’m not quite ready to cut my hair.)  This morning, I pulled it into a ponytail, braided the ponytail, and twisted it into a bun.  The bun wasn’t all that secure, but I only went two miles, so it lasted okay.  And this evening before my strength class, I pulled it back into a regular braid.  Messy, but it was out of the way.  Of course, the strength class doesn’t really present a hair problem.  The issue now (that can probably be resolved with practice) is that I suck at braiding my own hair.  It’s behind my head and I can’t see it, so it’s messy and uneven and HARD.  My arms get tired.  Are there any tricks to this?  Is there something obvious I’m missing (I hope) that makes it easier to braid your own hair or is it just a matter of practicing until it’s easy?  When I try to pull it over one shoulder to finish the braid, the whole thing gets lopsided.  Why do I suck at hair?