1. Jessica

    Aww…thank you! I thought you looked fantastic. 🙂

    I love that assessment of my family…so very accurate.

  2. Zannah

    You are so welcome, and thank you to you, too. 🙂

    Have you recovered? I think it’ll take this whole weekend before I feel rested.

  3. Chuck Clark

    Wow, I have a picture of Cody gawking at you. I also have a verbal statement from him that Jessica looked way too wonderful and that he did not want to think of you both in that “pre-teen way”. I can’t begin to express how wonderful it was to have you and John there for the wedding. You guys are the best. We can not get enough of your company. I am really looking forward to any future events together.

    Love Always

  4. Zannah

    Aw, Chuck, you say the nicest things. And tell Cody that’s sweet of him. 🙂 We had a really great time that weekend, and we love hanging out with you. Think you can make it for our race this Sunday? If not, our next planned event is coming soon! (Right? Arcadia is early May, isn’t it?)

  5. Chuck Clark

    We are visiting this Sunday with a friend of mine from years ago over in Delaware. 🙁 John sent us the pics from the wedding and he did such a great job! Arcadia is the 8th I think. Really looking forward to it.

  6. Zannah

    Close, but no cigar. Saturday the 9th, 2pm show. (I just searched my email for the confirmation message from the theater.) Can’t wait! And I’m sorry we won’t get to see you this Sunday, but I’m sure you’ll have a good time catching up! Lots of old friends have been showing up lately. Pretty cool. I”m glad you liked the pictures! I know he was a little worried about how they’d turn out.

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