A Well-Formed Weekend

Apparently, yardwork makes my legs hurt.  I am sore from my butt all the way down the backs of both legs to my ankles.  I’m not exactly sure why that’s what hurts, but it must be from the yardwork.  I didn’t run all weekend, but we spent five or six hours in the yard on Sunday.  We cleaned up after the dogs, mowed, started to tear apart the side of the yard (by the chimney, where it was a jungle last summer), weeded the flower bed, and pulled dandelions.  And mulched a few areas.  And John dug up that woody, bamboo-ish plant that takes over the flower bed every year.  Its root system was HUGE.  I’m not sure we got it all, but John thinks it won’t come back this year.  He doesn’t think it’ll recover that quickly, assuming we didn’t get all of it.

Sunday evening we grilled lamb and caught up on Heroes.  (We caught up on Lost Friday night.)  Saturday morning was the perfect rainy weekend morning.  We woke up, heard the rain beating down, rolled over and went back to sleep.  When we woke up again, it was still raining hard, but hunger (and whining dogs) drove us downstairs.  We had bagels and watched TV and lazed around until we decided to do something.  John went into the garage to work on his car and I did our taxes.  (Boo taxes – we owe for the first time ever!)  But even that wasn’t so terrible.  John was covered in grease by the time he stopped working on the car, so after he cleaned himself up, we went to the mall to return a part at Sears and pick up his new suit!  Said new suit was ready, but when he tried it on, the jacket still wasn’t right.  So they’re fixing that.  Then we went to Borders (yay bookstores!), dinner (I guess dinner was before Sears, but whatever – you don’t care), and ice cream!  Lovely day.

This morning I had cream cheese and jelly on matzo ( I really don’t like to spell it like that) for breakfast.  You know what?  It was really good.  I probably won’t make a habit of it, but I’m sure I’ll be eating for the next week or so, until I run out of matzo.  Or cream cheese.  Or jelly.  Cream cheese doesn’t belong in my diet, really, but matzo is better (calorie-wise) than a bagel, so it evens out.  ?  Not really.  But I can live with it.

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