And their wheels are bare…

Another very nice day.  I like when they occur one right after the other.  I was planning on doing some planting this weekend, but I think it’s going to be too hot.  Besides, I have a little more research to do for my flower bed.  We will make some tree decisions, though.  Then, because homeowners’ associations SUCK, we have to submit an architectural change application, with landscaping diagram, just to plant three trees!  We need to replace the poor dying one in the front yard, and we’d like to plant a couple near the deck for eventual shade.  I have no idea how long it will take to get this change approved.

But that sounds negative, and I don’t feel negative today.  John is about to head to Leesburg to get some help from a guy at work with something car-related.  I will take the dogs for a walk, and when he gets back, we’ll eat dinner.  It’s a beautiful warm evening, and I think our walk will be very pleasant.  Is it weird for me to say “our walk” instead of “my walk” when that “our” consists of me and two dogs?  It doesn’t feel like just MY walk.  They’ll enjoy it too, I’m sure.

Hooray for Friday nights!

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