Happy 2nd Sunday in May!

(That’s Mother’s Day to most of you.  My mother doesn’t believe in Mother’s Day.)  It’s been a beautiful day here.  Unfortunately, John isn’t able to enjoy it (and neither is Roxy, but for entirely different reasons).  John has been (and still is) studying for his last final.  It’s tomorrow night, and he’s not feeling all that confident.  He didn’t have a lot of time to study yesterday (because we were having a wonderful afternoon in DC with Chuck, Jess, and Cody), and not having the answers to his practice questions keeps him guessing about whether or not he’s getting them right.

Roxy is not studying.  She, poor thing, threw up all night and hasn’t really been feeling well all day.  We woke up this morning to several messes downstairs, and when we got her outside, she threw up some more.  She was finally able to keep a little water down, and I gave her her medicine.  After a while, I made her some rice and chicken broth.  She ate a few bites, but she didn’t want anymore (which is the real cause for alarm, I think).  At least she kept it down.  I’ll give her more later, and when John is free to help me, I’ll try to take her temperature.  That should be fun.  She’s been crashed out on the floor all day, looking pathetic, barely wagging her tail.  She spends most days crashed out on the floor, but she usually doesn’t look this miserable.

Update: I went over to check on her and she wagged her tail and played with me a little.  I gave her some rice and she scarfed it down.  I think she’s feeling better.  🙂  She’s looking around for more, but I want to make sure she can keep it down first.  TMI a little?  Sorry.

Yesterday, we saw Arcadia at the theater at the Folger Shakespeare Library with Jess, Chuck, and Cody.  It was so good.  I’ve seen it twice before, once with Corey as Septimus Hodge in Lexington and once at GW.  The actor playing Septimus this time was really good and very Corey-like in his movements and expressions.  Is it just that the character has to be played that way?  Whatever.  I like it.  And the woman who played Thomasina was fantastic.  Oh, they all were.  We all really enjoyed it.

We went to the Sonoma Wine Bar for dinner immediately after (the play was at 2pm).  It was five after 5, and there were two, maybe three other parties already there.  We had to convince the hostess to seat us (yes, we’ll be done by 8, sorry to inconvenience you), and then a couple of items we wanted to order weren’t available anymore (but still on the menu), but other than those minor things, it was really good.  Expensive, yes, but very good.  John had the ribeye, Jess and I had the filet, we all had ceviche, sashimi, and beef carpaccio to start, and mozzarella risotto with dinner.  Everything we had was delicious, including my wine, but I’ve already forgotten what I was drinking, which is a shame.  (My choice of wine was one of the items no longer available, so while I remember what I wanted, I don’t remember what I had.)

We followed dinner with a five-block trek to the Baskin Robbins on 8th Street for dessert.  ‘Cause, you know, we hadn’t eaten enough yet.  🙂  I certainly don’t regret the ice cream (an Oreo cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream cone is totally worth the calories), but the walk there and back killed my feet.  I love those shoes, but they’re better for standing around and looking nice.  Hiking ten blocks is not what they were made for.  I’ve been walking a bit gingerly today, but I think I’ll be fine for running tomorrow.

We fell asleep last night while watching Shakespeare in Love (can’t get enough Tom Stoppard), so we might finish that tonight.  John is on the phone with his mom and he just started to mess with what might be the inside of the $5 amp he bought from a garage sale on his run yesterday, so I think he’s done studying for the day.  That’s my cue to fire up the grill.  Salmon, asparagus, portabello mushrooms, and a caprese salad.  All from Wegman’s, all fresh and delicious.


  1. mel

    Poor Roxy, that child is a mess! 🙁

    I had to tell you that Mark was just reading over my shoulder and he’s making fun of the way you write (just the parentheticals). I told him I do it too (prolly a little TOO much!) but I’m not sure I do it as much as you do (okay, well, maybe).

  2. Zannah

    I’m going to pretend you didn’t type “prolly”. You’re a shame to grammarians everywhere! Too lazy to type out “probably”? 🙂

    Mark can make fun of my (over)use of parentheses all he wants, as long as he reads the blog!

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