Wake up already!

Six hours is not enough sleep for me.  Only my anal sense of punctuality (can you have a sense of punctuality?  Is there a phrase I should be using here that I can’t think of because my brain isn’t working?  You know what I mean, right?) got me out of bed this morning.  I get paranoid about being late for most things, but I’m worst about work and airplanes.  Anyway, I’m having a really hard time focusing.  I’m a little better now (after Starbucks and a croissant).  We’ll see how long I have before the crash.  At least I’m not comfortable today.  I’m wearing a suit ’cause I have to go downtown for a meeting this afternoon.  On the bright side, I may be able to go straight home from that rather than come back to the office.  It depends on how short the meeting is.  If it lasts at least an hour, I’ll be heading home.  Less than that and I can’t really justify not going back to work.

I was just telling Christina about the program we used to get Mom new ringtones for her cell phone, and now I have “Sweet Pea” stuck in my head.  I can deal with that.  I like this song.  🙂  Mom, if you’re reading, can you email me the mp3?

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