Blame it on the rain

It finally feels like summer.  I know it’s early, I know summer doesn’t actually start until June 20th (or 19th or 21st – who cares?), but as far as I’m concerned, summer starts as soon as it’s reliably 80 degrees outside.  Memorial Day helps.  Today, it was cloudy and muggy all morning, and then out of nowhere, the skies opened and it just POURED.  For about 10 minutes.  Now the clouds are thinning and the sun is trying to peek through.  That’s summer.  And I like it, except that I’m still worried about my poor plants.  This is why I don’t like doing anything with the yard.  Too much rain should not be a reason for worry!  Hmm.  Let me rephrase.  Flash floods and other water-related disasters aside, too much rain should not be a reason for me to worry about anything, let alone my yard.  I don’t want to get attached to this flower bed.  The whole point, the reason I planted the things I planted, was to keep me from having to worry about it.  No (okay, less) weeding, no fuss.  Just plants.

Anything else?  Yes.  I went to the eye doctor last night, and apparently, my eyesight is both a little better and much worse than it was last time I went (almost two years ago).  I’m a little less nearsighted than I was, but my astigmatism (which used to only affect my left eye) is much worse and affects both eyes now.  So I need whole new prescriptions.  My contacts are easy, but I’m not sure when I’m going to get around to getting new lenses for my glasses.  Maybe over the weekend.  And apparently, the whole box of left contact lenses (the foggy ones) was defective, so that was definitely not caused by my eye.  Good to know.

Is this a sign I’m getting old?  I’m starting to obsess over plants and I’m going blind.

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