Not exactly as planned

Today and tonight did not go exactly like we expected.  First thing today, we mowed, weeded, mulched, and trimmed, all so we could spend the rest of the day doing whatever we wanted.  But that took three hours and we hadn’t had breakfast yet.  A little later, I was practicing and John was fixing the toilet that won’t stop running, but he somehow managed to break the tank (the bottom cracked open), so we had to get the shop vac and suck up all the water.  After that, John picked up the broken tank and sliced two of his fingers on the apparently very sharp broken porcelain.  So, since one of the cuts wouldn’t stop bleeding and we couldn’t tell how deep it was, we went to ER in Lansdowne.  About an hour and a half, a couple of band-aids, and one tetanus shot later, we were back home.  John’s fine.  But the hall bathroom is a wreck, and while we were grilling our steaks, the propane ran out.  We had another tank, so John hooked that up and then set both steaks on fire.  I’m not sure how that happened, really.  They were perfect on the inside, but pretty charred on the outside.

Summary: John broke the hall toilet, got a tetanus shot, and burned our steaks.  🙂

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