More eye problems – what is wrong with me?

I decided to wear my glasses today BEFORE I noticed anything weird with my eye, I think.  I mean, the doctor suggested I wear them a little more often and my contacts maybe a little less.  But on the drive to work, I felt like there was something in my left eye.  I checked it out in the mirror once we got there and couldn’t see anything.  I asked John to look – nothing he could see.  But my eye watered all day and it still feels like there’s something in there.  I made an appointment to see my eye doctor, but I can’t get in until tomorrow afternoon.  Today would have been a pretty pleasant day, if not for the constant tears and the stuffy nose that followed.  At least I know this wasn’t caused by dry eyes.

I can’t stare at the computer screen anymore.  I managed to do it all day, but I think my eyes have had enough.  The worst part is that it makes it hard to read.  I mean, really.  What could be worse than that?

Don’t answer that.

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