Just another day

Today was like any other day this week.  Busy, with an undercurrent of oh-my-god-what-happens-if-we-both-lose-our-jobs. I think that fear is rational, even if it is at least somewhat unlikely.  It’s so hard to tell!

So I’m not going to talk about that anymore.  I definitely feel better, calmer, having made the decision not to go to Kentucky in early August.  I can concentrate all my worrying on job stuff.  Which I’m not talking about!

Hm.  Well, I might be babysitting Colin tomorrow so Christina and Will can see a movie.  And on Sunday I’m seeing 42nd Street at WolfTrap with Amy.  Oh, I should email her.

John and I might see a movie this weekend, too.  Maybe have an actual date.  I just want to do relaxing things this weekend.  Nothing that requires effort.  I’ll get new lenses for my glasses, but that doesn’t require any exertion on my part.  I’ll just sit and read my book for an hour while that gets done.  Poor me.

The first thing I’m going to do when I get home is walk the dogs.  It’s not nearly as hot as it was last night.  Then I need to stop myself from ordering pizza for dinner.  It’s calling out to me.  Maybe John won’t feel like pizza tonight.  He’s not a pizza fiend, like I am, so I can probably rely on him.

Hey, we can leave now.  Yay!

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