What in the world can that be?

I can’t focus.  I think I left my ability to concentrate (what there was) at work.  My thoughts keep jumping from work (we start testing this new software tomorrow) to possibly sending John to OR in September (tickets are over $500 per person – we can’t both go) to all the stuff we need/want to do this week to the Paul McCartney concert next weekend (with all the visiting family that comes with) to the South Park episode we watched while eating dinner tonight to the possibility of running into our new financial advisor while walking the dogs (he moved into our neighborhood a couple of weeks ago, and John saw him this morning while running) to – you get the point.  None of these things are bad, none of them are worrisome, and I’m looking forward to a couple of them (the concert and the visiting family in particular), but I can’t settle down and just do something.  Like type (it’s taken me forever just to get this far) or read.

I’m gonna give my book (and some m&ms) another try.

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