Big rainstorm

I hope it goes on all night.  We had a major thunderstorm two nights ago, too.  I’m not sure how much it actually rained, but it was right on top of us.  Almost no time between lightning and thunder, and once I nearly jumped across the couch ’cause the lightning almost hit the house.  There was a huge CRACK and everything powered kinda paused and you could feel the electricity.  It was a little scary.  Today it’s just regular rain.  It was really sunny and very hot (but low humidity – it didn’t feel like 90 degrees), and we were planning on going to the pool later in the afternoon.  We did go, but not for long.  We had a few sun breaks, but the wind picked up and the clouds rolled in, so we decided to head for home.  Walked in the door just as the first raindrops were falling.  Maybe we’ll have better luck with the pool tomorrow, but I think I’d prefer a full day of rain.

I went to the mall with Christina this morning.  We were looking for a light, casual summer dress, but we both struck out.  Tomorrow, depending on the weather (but I think it’ll be dry enough), we’ll do yardwork.  Yay.

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