Fixing the microwave for real

John fixed the microwave today!  It works and everything!  We heated up some water as a test.  We might try actually heating up food tomorrow or something.  We’re very proud of him.  (And glad we don’t have to buy a new one.)  We weeded, mowed, and raked the front yard today and bathed both dogs, and all in all, I think we had a very productive day.  We only left the house to go out for sushi this evening.

That reminds me.  A family of five (mom, dad, three boys all younger than ten) were sitting at the table behind John, and we couldn’t help but eavesdrop on some of their conversation.  Our favorites:

The song “Fools Rush In” comes on in the restaurant and the mom asked the kids if they knew who sang it.

Kid: “Duke Ellington?”  Dad: “That’s a terrible guess!”  Mom: “At least he’s heard of Duke Ellington!”

Then, the dad mentioned something about a sumo wrestler who’s not Japanese.

Kid: “Did he have to move to China?”  Dad, completely baffled: “Why would he have to move to China?”  Kid: “Didn’t he have to move to China to be a sumo wrestler?”

John and I missed the dad’s response ’cause we were laughing too hard.

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