I got rained on today.  When I left for my run, it wasn’t raining.  It started to rain right at my halfway point, naturally, when I was as far from home as I was going to get.  It didn’t start pouring until I was about a mile from home.  That was nice.  At least it wasn’t cold.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, busy, loud, fun, slightly stressful, and busy.  And loud.  And fun.  And really good.  Oh, and I’m exhausted.  I didn’t do much today.  (I was recovering.)  I returned the table and went to Home Depot for paint chips so I can figure out what color to paint the dining room.  Oh, and I discovered that the wallpaper in there is not going to come off as easily as I had hoped.  I’ll have to score it and use hot soapy water and stuff.  Yay.  I’ll start on that tomorrow, I think.  If I can narrow down the paint colors, I’ll get samples tomorrow, too.


  1. Zannah

    I’m so glad you came! You timed your escape well, by the way. Shortly after you left, the annual Brewer Family Christmas Card Photo Shoot started. Lucky you missed it. 🙂 Although with Dad as photographer and Mom as photographer’s assistant, it went faster than usual (and more smoothly).

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