Sanity has been restored

President Obama's house in the fall

John and I took a rare field trip into DC this Saturday for the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.  With one of John’s best friends from high school and his girlfriend, we drove into town (after running from the metro – ridiculously long lines), found parking easily, and walked down to the National Mall.  We joined the crowds heading in the direction of the stage and walked until we could walk no more.  Seriously, there was no room to move forward.  We were packed in like sardines, four blocks away from the stage, unable to see or hear much.  Except for the signs.  So that’s what I took pictures of.

Signs I Enjoyed (for any number of reasons) While Standing for Four Hours (Until My Face Got Sunburnt and My Legs and Feet Started to Hurt) Wedged In Among Wonderfully Nice and Sane People at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

This is the kind of Republican I can get behind. (Get it? I crack myself up.)

That pink sign I didn't take a very good picture of says "I was told there would be cherry blossoms," which is only funny if you know that the Cherry Blossom Festival this year wasn't timed quite right. It got warm a little too soon, so the trees blossomed a little too early, and then there was a big wind and rainstorm, so that by the weekend of the festival there was not a blossom in sight. But anything that takes that much explanation isn't really funny. Except to me.

Makes me want to dance.

I think "Everything will probably be OK" should be on the $5 bill.

Peoples is peoples.

Why can't people hold still when I'm taking a picture? "I can promote my opinion without misrepresenting people who disagree with me." Also, there's a scary Sarah Palin mask.

Possibly my favorite sign, considering the size of the crowd.

Two more good ones, but my favorites are the handmade ones.

Small detour - I couldn't help but stare at the mini-Snookie in front of me.

Maybe my actual favorite sign

Did I mention that we couldn't see anything? These guys had a solution.

Crazy Brave Guy had the best seat in the house.

Yay for funny signs!

A little Les Miz, anyone?  Someone handed Crazy Brave Guy a banner.

Okay, time for crowd shots.  The estimates for attendance are between 215,000 and 250,000, and I think those are low numbers.

Looking down 7th Street towards the mall

Dr. Horrible (he has a PhD in Horribleness) wouldn't hold still for me.

Can you see the stage or even a screen? I can't.

Don't look now - there's someone behind me.

I’m pictured out.


  1. CoreBear

    No stupid with the capitol framed in the picture is my favorite. Speaks volumes. I’m very glad you & John were there.

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