We’re home!

We were born in the wrong country.  We’re home.  We’re resting.  We want to go back right now.  We had a great time.  Wish we had two more weeks.

I promise to provide details and such over the next few days.  We didn’t have internet (no more than five minutes a day of a really slow connection counts as none at all), but I did take notes, so I have something to work from.  And SO many pictures.  John and I have to go through them, and he’ll probably post all of them (I’ll point you to them when he does), but I’ll leave you with this one for now:

John doesn't looked cowed.  Or chickened.

Attack of the Molting Chickens

Our host has 7 chickens and 2 guinea fowl.  She kept apologizing for their appearance, since the chickens were molting, but I don’t think I’d have noticed if she hadn’t pointed it out.  They ran around the yard like – yeah, like that.  I managed to get them all in one picture only once.

All heads appear to be attached

Speedy chickens

They were surprisingly quiet in the mornings.  It was the guinea fowl that woke us up the first morning.  Fourteen hours after we went to bed.  Thirty-three hours after we got out of bed Wednesday morning.

Anyway, it’s dinner time and then movie time and I’ll tell you all about wonderful, magical Wales (and Chester and Liverpool and the four to five hours of countryside between where we were and London) soon.

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