Wales – Day 1, Part 2

Our Welsh home sweet home

The cottage was super cute. It’s basically just two rooms, one on either floor. Downstairs, you walk in the door into the kitchen, which is all along the wall to your left. To your right is the rest of the room, with a table and chairs, and then the sitting area. Two leather loveseats, a sheepskin rug, a coffee table, the woodburning stove, and a mostly useless TV.  (It’s got cable, but the cable wasn’t working.  You could see what was supposed to be on each channel (banner at the bottom of the screen), but there was no picture or sound.)  I say only mostly useless because there was a DVD player.  We just didn’t have any DVDs.  To get upstairs, you climb this wooden spiral staircase, and then you’re in the bedroom.  Nice bedroom.  GIANT bed, a big armoire, and a bathroom with a HUGE bathtub and a walk-in shower.  It’s a nice place.  John took pictures of the rooms, but for some reason I can’t get to them right now.  I’ll post them later.  Our landlady said they were going out of town on New Year’s Day and wouldn’t be back before we left, so if we needed anything, we were supposed to go knock on Carl’s door (the end unit of the stables they turned into apartments).   If it was anything big, we could text her and she’d take care of it from her vacation spot in the Canary Islands.   I need to look up where those are.  So really, after the first day, we didn’t see her or her husband again.

We found out pretty early on that we had a very very very weak internet connection.  John  able to connect, but usually not for more than five minutes a day.  I wasn’t able to connect at all.  Anyway, it was our first day there, we made it in one piece, met our landlady, and went back out for some supplies.  Basic supplies.  Like something for dinner (we couldn’t quite face a meal out).  Over the course of the first couple of days, we slowly discovered that we needed a few other things that weren’t supplied in the cottage, like a washcloth, dish soap, a dish towel, and matches (for our wood-burning stove).  Our first errand was to head off to Morrison’s for the food stuff.  We didn’t know we needed that other list until the next day.  We did the best we could to stay up as late as we could, thoroughly determined to beat jet lag into submission.  I think we succeeded, but that first evening was rough.  I would have given up around 6, but John set a goal of 8pm, and we managed to get there.  We didn’t have a lot of help, though.  No internet, reading was putting us to sleep, no cards, no games, and a TV whose cable connection (or whatever) doesn’t seem to be working.  No DVDs.  7:30 rolled around and I started getting ready for bed.  Which is when I found out I’d forgotten my toothbrush.  Wish I’d noticed that before our trip to Morrison’s.  Luckily, I had toothpaste, mouthwash, and floss, so I managed.  That got me through ten minutes.  I really was counting minute by minute at that point.  The second the clock hit 8pm, I turned off the light and passed out.  We woke up fourteen and a half hours later feeling SO much better.  But that’s Day 2, and I think that’ll have to wait.  Just talking about how tired we were that day is making me sleepy.

View from our bedroom window

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