There must be a way to have two blogs on one website

I’m working on it.

I decided this morning that I need a place to track how much I exercise. I did it on this site once before, but it was just a big blank page that I updated every day. I’d rather have a post every day, but I don’t want those posts to be part of this blog. So. Separate blog. For now. While I work out how to put a second blog on another page of this website.

If you’re interested in watching/reading about/commiserating with my attempts to, you know, lose weight and be healthier and all that stuff, I’ll be tracking that at Run, Zannah, Run!, my temporary home for all things healthy.

Update: I disabled the link to the Blogger version of Run, Zannah, Run! since I added it to this site. Hope you don’t mind.


  1. Zannah

    Yeah – apparently, it’s not that easy to take down a Blogger blog. I made it private instead. I’m still looking.

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