I love to dance

I really really do.  I loved the ballroom dance lessons John got us for our anniversary a couple of years ago, I loved faking my way through tap dancing in 42nd Street in high school (I probably would have loved actually tap dancing if I’d taken more than two lessons), I love aerobics classes with dance steps, I love to dance around my living room…

I went to an aerobics class tonight at the gym I may or may not join.  The class was a Kukuwa dance workout, which incorporates moves and music from African, Indian, and Latin traditions, and it was FUN.  All you need is coordination and sense of rhythm.  I have those.  When it was over, the instructor said I picked up the steps really quickly and then she asked me if I had any dance experience.  Flattery will get you everywhere.  Including back to her class, which I’m sure was the point.  Still – I WANT TO DANCE.  Who knew?

I want to sing, too.  I could be a triple threat!  Except for the triple part.  I can’t act.  To save my LIFE.


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