I’m a problem-solver

Really, I am.  It says so right there, on my blue, Lucite, sharp-edged award.  It was awarded to me (because it’s an award and that’s how you get them) at our annual work thing this afternoon (a speaker, team discussions, yearly awards, etc).  Pretty cool.  It looks like the missing murder weapon on Law & Order.  You know, the victim’s head was smashed in with a heavy blunt object at the office, but no one has been able to find the murder weapon.  Then one day the cleaning crew notices one less thing to dust on the shelf in the executive’s office, and when they finally find the weapon (which was shoved in a box in the closet), it turns out to be an award for excellence in consumer relations that has been hastily (and not thoroughly) cleaned off.  Plenty of evidence to convict.

Mine looks kinda like this, but blue. And a little more substantial. And therefore dangerous.

I may also have committed myself to playing golf with my boss when the weather warms up.  She’s aware that I’ve never played before, that I’ve never even picked up a real golf club (I don’t think putt-putt counts), but that might be part of the appeal for her.  I’m someone she could beat.  Maybe she’ll forget.  Oh, look!  A problem to solve!  I’ll get right on it.