Really good wine and a hungry raccoon

These are the wines Mom, Mindy, and I had at the Grapevine Wine Bar in New Orleans.  The first one is a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand.  Grapefruity.  Found it at Wegman’s for $16.99.

The second one is a pinot gris from Oregon.  This one tasted like apples (but not like apple juice) and was Mindy’s least favorite (but I really liked it).  I found this one at Wegman’s for $12.99.

The third one is a viognier from Argentina.  I don’t remember what it tasted like, but it was GOOD.  Wegman’s doesn’t carry it.  I’ll check Total Wine next time I’m out.

Last, watch this video, courtesy of The Daily What. It’s not long, it’s super-cute, and the tiny bit at the end is John’s favorite part.


  1. momma betty

    They look so human! The raccoons, I mean.

    Since you liked the grapefruity SB, check out Cupcake SB. About half the price of Wegman’s Whitehaven.

    I’ve viognier I definitely did not like, but probably French.

  2. They don’t sell wine in our Weggie’s, but they now own the biggest liquor store in the area. It’s Danny’s empire!

    Oh my raccoon cuteness! I loved his little paws scooping the bread!

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