Rediscovering bookmarked blogs

A few days at home with orders to rest and what do I do?  (Besides read, watch TV, watch movies, and commune with newborn puppies via puppy cam, I mean.)  I go through my bookmarks.  Have some links.

We’ll start with a little geography.  The first link is to a couple of maps that compare the latitudes of North American and Western Europe cities.  I knew they are farther north than we are, but I did not know that London is farther north than a lot of major Canadian cities.  (I like maps.)

The second link is totally awesome and comes from the blog of a British woman who is raising her children in California.  She found a video (watch the video) that explains the difference between Great Britain and the United Kingdom and England, Scotland, Wales, etc.  Liked the video (the guy talks faster than I do), really like the blog.

My bookmarks are listed alphabetically (can’t remember if that’s automatic or if I did that), and these two both start with A, so you can see I didn’t get very far.  It’s a start.


  1. Zannah

    General anesthesia when they did the sinus lift so they could implant the post that will eventually hold my fake tooth in place. Nothing serious. 🙂 Unfortunately, while that’s healing, I’m not supposed to do anything active. Like anything. I’ll start walking or biking today (if I’m not too lazy), though, and I can go back to strength and running next week.

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