Too many whiny posts…

…that so far, I’ve managed to keep only as drafts.  You don’t need that crap.  You need this, though.

I want to see this movie.  You do, too, admit it.  (Okay, Margaret might not, and Mom almost certainly doesn’t, but the rest of you do, I know it.) Found it following a link to a Scalzi article at from his blog post from the other day. I mean today. What day is it?

This (from The Daily What) made me cry.  A little.  At the end.  Margaret and Mom (and the rest of you) will probably like it, too.

I have nothing else for you today. Worked from home (worked a LOT) and then studied. I’m getting tired of statistics being all I do. But I did get an A (100% ’cause I’m a nerd and it was absurdly easy. Did I mention it was 20 multiple choice questions? No? Well, it was.) on my midterm. So…there’s that.

One last thing. Cat as martini glass. I love her.


  1. Melvin?

    Both of us getting 100% on our statistics midterms? What are the odds of THAT?!?

    (Yay. Thanks to Randy, that joke never gets old.)

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