You’re all absolutely right. It DOES get better. I will never doubt you again.

We started Doctor Who a while back, but after six episodes we weren’t really thrilled, so we took a break.  I didn’t mention it because, well, because.  I knew I was supposed to like it.  Not liking it undermines what little geek cred I have.  At the urging of yet another friend (which is a reason I felt like I should like it – a large number of friends whose taste in this stuff I trust think it’s great.  What’s wrong with me?  Yeah, yeah, I don’t have to like everything my friends like, whatever…), we tried again the other night.  And all of our friends are right.  It’s better.  I’m not going to quit.  For those who are counting, we watched the 8th episode last night.

Is it weird that I switch pronouns (we to I and back again) like that?  I feel like I do that a lot.  I can’t decide if it sounds like I’m controlling John’s opinions or he’s controlling mine.  Neither of those is true, of course.  We just have similar opinions about TV.  And movies.  And vacations.  And dogs.  And friends.  And lots of things.  Mm.  We sound boring.  I swear, my mind is my own.  We rarely read the same books.  He doesn’t like spicy food.  I don’t like Sons of Anarchy.  He doesn’t like to admit that he finds cat videos amusing.  (Some of them.  I mean, come ON.  Cat videos are what the interwebs were built on.)  Etc.

To sum up, here’s a video (from The Daily What) of a mariachi band serenading a whale.


  1. ibcrandy

    I’m glad you decided to give the doctor another chance. It really is great television. Cheesy, but great. And it only gets better.

  2. Spacy-wacy bits

    Where are you starting from, the first of the newer episodes with the Dr. with the big ears? The show really doesn’t find its stride till Tennent takes over – still not sure about Smith. If you’ve seen the more recent episodes, ask John if the newest Dr. reminds him of Sean Topp; was the first thing that popped into my head when he came on screen.

    My dad and I used to watch Dr. Who waaaay back when there was a tin dog and 18 foot scarf involved. Must say the newer episodes are a bit better for the modern audience. 🙂

  3. Zannah

    Randy – glad to hear it.

    Greg – If by the doctor with big ears you mean Christopher Eccleston, yes. The first of the newer episodes. And I don’t have to ask John to answer your question – I’ve seen pictures of the latest doctor and yes, he reminds me of Sean Topp. I couldn’t place who it was – thanks for the help.

  4. Brian

    So glad to hear that you enjoyed “The Empty Child” so much. That, to me, is where the ‘new’ Doctor who really takes off. Funny, I think Billie Piper (Rose) didn’t seem to know how to act until about half way through that season-around the Simon Pegg episode. I went from thinking “man they need to re-cast the companion…” to being completely shocked and saddened when….well, I don’t want to spoil anything!

  5. Have you noticed they put the writer of each episode front and center? Anytime you see Steven Moffat, buckle down for an AWESOME episode. He also writes for the Sherlock Holmes series on BBC. His episodes are the most true to old school Doctor Who yet taking full advantage of new TV abilities (like real special effects). Just for kicks someday, watch an OLD Doctor Who episode. The dialogue is good, but the effects are laughable.
    Speaking of laughable, thought you might enjoy this clip about the Daleks.

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