Clearly, the world is ending

Earthquake in Virginia.  5.8 according to USGS.  I find myself wanting to yell “We’re not in California, you know!” at the earth’s crust.  Does a 5.8 cause much damage?  I have no feel for these things.  I’ll have to google that.  Speaking of feeling things, the earthquake felt just like being on a ship at sea.  Except I was sitting behind a desk staring at the shocked look on my boss’s face, wondering if I should go stand in the doorway.  I didn’t.  My survival instinct may need some help.  Twitter is abuzz.  (You thought I was going to say it was all atwitter, didn’t you?)  Kinda fun to watch.  At least my internet connection survived.  No cell phones, though.

Update: 5.9, not 5.8

Re-Update: Back to 5.8.  I wonder how that works.

Update: 5.9, not 5.8


  1. Melvin?

    You should go back to school for seismology and then let the rest of us know how that works. Oooh, I just figured out your future!

  2. Melvin?

    What are you talking about? I think that quake shook some neurons loose. Throwing dirt on the ground? It’s a Richter scale! It’s SCIENTIFIC. XD

    Be a mathematician. I’m not interested in seismology. Now, meteorology, that’s my missed nerd-calling. That’ll be my next degree.

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