What kind of lab hates to get wet?

Roxy eats mud.  I don’t know why, but she’s tearing up the lawn.  I keep meaning to ask the vet about it.  Or at least Dr. Google.  Tonight, John suggested I try to deter her.  He handed me a full water bowl.  I went out on the deck, he pointed the flashlight, and I dumped half the bowl on her head.  She hates that, but she came right back on the deck (she was ignoring me when I was calling her in because she couldn’t tear herself away from the mud).  This might work.  The spray bottle is probably a better tool than the water bowl, though.


  1. My dogs used to love the water bottle–they’d bite at the stream for kicks. Same with the hose. Tell Roxy to lab up a little. 😉

    Is the dirt thing new? Maybe a mineral deficiency?

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