I’m beginning to think I’m a big whiny baby

I do a lot of complaining and wishing some things were different (not most things, just some things).  And yes, I’m working to change those things, but to some extent, I need to just handle them better.

I don’t want to talk about that, though.

An old man and I bonded over the too-green bananas in the produce section at Giant this evening.  He tore two off of their bunch and said, “You don’t want to buy them when they’re too ripe because you have to eat them all at once or they’ll go bad.”  My response, “I see your point, but if they’re too green, you have to wait a long time before they ripen.  What if you wanted one with breakfast tomorrow?”  We understood each other.  But now I have too-green bananas.


  1. brilliant mama

    Nonny used to say, “I’m so old I don’t even buy green bananas.”

    I know what you mean about whiny, etc. When I would come back from a trip, I would think longingly of faraway places, but then I decided to try to see where I am as exotic and exciting to somebody somewhere. It’s kind of fun. Do you know that I have never been to the Falls of the Ohio? Ever!

  2. Jess

    “We’re all going to die like bananas!!!”

    Something I said when I was little. No idea what I meant. Unless I meant that we’re going to slowly rot on the countertop, which is really awful actually.

  3. Zannah

    Well, you should go! I remember something about a room with lots of long silvery things (long chains of something metal, cool to the touch) you can walk through. Loved that part.

    Jess, you crack me up. I snorted. I don’t want to rot on a countertop!

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