I’d rather get my marching orders from a baby panda

What’s worse than a work bathroom with terrible lighting?  A work bathroom with terrible lighting and a flickering florescent bulb over one of the sinks.  Come ON.  You’re already unhappy because you’re at work.  Then you look in the mirror and get depressed about the bags under your eyes and your death-warmed-over complexion, both caused by the sucky lighting (you hope).  You start to lose patience with all things work-related, letting your anger boil up every once in a while (but only on the inside).  THEN you realize that your increasing rage was created by the nonstop flickering of the light over the lefthand sink.  Your self-awareness of the cause of your rage doesn’t diminish it – oh no.  Your rage rockets to the sky because this light, this awful, headache-inducing, horror movie flickering light, has been flickering like this for MONTHS.  You’ve reported it to the office staff several times, and you probably aren’t the only one.  Have they fixed it?  NO.  I should get a medal (a raise would be better) for not going on a homicidal rampage.  The light made me do it.


  1. Erik

    I was thinking the two hour class I took this morning on response plans for “active shooters” and work place violence was not the best use of my time…
    On second thought it might come in useful.

  2. Zannah

    Erik, quick! You’re the only one with training – go protect everyone from Jess!

    Tokenblogger, I hope you didn’t work there long. That sounds all kinds of creepy.

  3. brilliant mama

    I tried to talk our facility manager to change the lighting in the ladies’ room to candle light. Didn’t go for it.

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