I’m having a day

Today was a good day to stay home.  And luckily, that’s what I got to do.  It rained nonstop (it’s still raining), serious, steady rain, and I didn’t have to go out in it.  Except to go to the gym this morning with John.  In the early morning (but not too early) when there are practically no people there (and the ones who are there don’t want to talk), the gym is a nice place to be.  I mean, it’s always a nice place to be, but I’m not capable of dealing with people today.  Not all people, of course.  Just the not-close-friend-and-family kind.  The acquaintance kind.  The kind of person you run into when you go to the store or take the dogs for a walk or go to a class at the gym.  The kind you have to smile for, even when you don’t feel like it.  Ooh, that didn’t come out right.  Smiling is fine.  I don’t want to put the effort into chitchat.  It’s been gloomy and I have a headache and I want to take a bath and read my book and write run-on sentences.  And fragments.

Did I mention the headache?  Breakfast for dinner tonight, then a bath (glass of wine and book included, of course), then hiding from the band rehearsing in the basement.  Although they’ll be a jazz combo tonight, so it might be mellower.


  1. Jess

    I don’t think the weather is bothering me that much, but the perpetual loneliness is getting to me. I’ve been on Facebook every evening this week, which is unusual. I finally realized I was feeling lonely. I usually like my solitude, but GEEZ, I’m alone constantly (during the week. Except at work when I’m around people who frustrate me.)

    Sorry for the pity part, but I’m having a day, too, and I wanted to commiserate. So glad we’re getting together Saturday!

  2. Zannah

    Pity parties are always allowed here! What do you think I’m doing all the time? But I’m sorry you had a day, too. Just think – it’s Thursday already, Chuck will be home soon, we’ll hang out on Saturday, and the end is in sight!

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