They have FEET!

Do you get the Uncommon Goods catalog?  You should.  Because it’s got some cute stuff in it.  A few weeks ago, I bought myself a sugar bowl and little pitcher set.  I couldn’t resist.  I mean, look at them.

They’re just the cutest things.  Then John noticed that the feet look a lot like the Monty Python foot.  I knew there was a reason they called out to me.  It was fate!  And THEN I noticed that when you look at the pitcher from the other side, the placement of the handle makes the little pitcher look like it has a butt.  The cutest butt.

So, no, I don’t work for Uncommon Goods or know anyone who does (in case you were wondering).  I’ve just ordered a few things from them and I really like their catalogs.  🙂  And they sell pitchers with butts.


  1. Jess

    Wow, that’s the cutest creamer and sugar set I’ve ever seen. You have to name those. They have personality. They look like they’re going to get up and scuttle around the house, reading books and doing dishes and stuff while you’re asleep.

  2. Zannah

    Guiseppe and Esmerelda. Paolo and Sofia. Lucy and Ricky. Porgy and Bess. Humpty and Dumpty. Hmm…

    I would LOVE it if they would do chores while I sleep. Like Jaq and Gus, the mice from Cinderella. Hmm again…

  3. Melvin?

    Sweety Feet and the Moo Toes.

    And I just named your next band.

    (That’s “sweety” not “sweaty.” Big difference.)

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