Sing with me now

Who’s having the best day ever?  Would you mind sharing?  Just a bit?  No, my day wasn’t horrible.  I made a small decision I wish I hadn’t (although it’s not really that big a deal), and yes, my commute was not what I’d hoped for, but I’m home now (makes up for a lot), and the weather is perfect (makes up for even more), and the week is over half done.  I’m kinda halfway between wanting to just go to bed now and looking forward to going to the gym.  I’ll probably be leaning more towards the gym once I get out of these #&$%%# tights.

Look, magic!

(from The Daily What)


  1. Brian Breguet

    I am having about the worst week ever at work without doing anything wrong. I now know all sorts of protocol that you only get to learn if you:

    1. Get promoted enough that when the XO goes on leave, you are now the XO
    2. You do things that make people wake up the (acting) XO at home at night.

    So let me hear YOU sing!

  2. BrianB

    You know what I’m looking forward to that will make me sing? this time next month, I’ll be in DC for two weeks! Hope to see you and John 🙂

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