You’ve been a very naughty boy, Sid.

John says we can’t eat dinner until he finishes his thesis.  Hopefully, that means he’s really close to the end.  Cross your fingers.

This is hilarious.  A little long (but under five minutes) and SO worth it.


  1. mama mama

    You either have too much time on your hands or your brain is oxygen-deprived from lack of food. John, hurry up anad finish that thesis!

  2. Wombat Central

    Last year when my friend’s dog passed away, I left her a clip from that video on her voice mail every day to cheer her when she got home. It was mostly clips that said, “Allen! Allen! Al! Allen!” It’s one of my favorite funneh videos.

    Also had to mention that my sister makes spread sheets for everything. Even the board games they play, so they know who liked what game. You’d be fast friends. 😉

  3. Procrastination Master

    Dang it – I’m never going to finish, and videos like this are the reason!

    (congrats to the hubby)

  4. Zannah

    That’s my favorite part (Allen!)!

    Right…spreadsheets. I forgot about that one, Mom – thanks for the reminder.

    Greg, please don’t blame me for your procrastination problems. It’s a service I offer, not something negative.

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