Being geeky

This weekend was just about perfect.  I made a list of things to do and got nearly all of them done and still had time to sit on the porch and watch the rain.  Among my things to do were backing up my blog database, updating WordPress, and installing Linux.  Okay, so John did the actual installation for me and then solved my wireless problem, but still.  Now I have the latest version of Ubuntu (the Linux distribution I decided to go with after conferring with a couple of people).  Huh.  That makes it sound like I gathered opinions and did some research before deciding.  It didn’t go exactly like that.

“Hey, Randy, what version of Linux should I install?”

“Hey, John, Randy suggests Ubuntu.  What do you think?”

“Great, let’s do it.”

Thanks, guys.  🙂  Anyway, now that it’s installed, I have do some configuring.  It looks….different.  Cool, though.

Alien, but pretty. Customizing is underway.

Must go.  Time for pie.


  1. The advantage is it’s a lot more user friendly than other linux distributions. In college I got comfortable enough with it to completely remove windows from my laptop and go straight Ubuntu, which is not something I think I would have been comfortable doing with the other versions I tried. And it has a fairly large user base, so it’s easier to find support online for it if you do have issues.

  2. Zannah

    And it’s NOT Vista, which is what I’ve been dealing with on my laptop for the last year since I needed a Windows-based program for those math classes.

    Also, why not? Most of what I do with my computer is online, anyway.

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