If only I could take a power nap

This morning was HARD.  I had to get up early to get to DC (which is always hard), but this morning the alarm woke me up out of a dream (one I was more than happy to be taken out of – I was watching myself in our high school production 42nd Street.  That was bad enough, but then I was actually in it, and that was terrible.), and I COULD NOT wake up.  I got up right away and got in the shower, but I basically fell asleep in the shower.  Standing up.  And then I tried to get out after only shaving one leg.  I noticed in time, but that wasn’t enough to wake me up.  Even my Starbucks wasn’t enough.  I was fighting yawns and droopy eyes the whole drive in.  That’s what coffee is supposed to prevent!  Come on now.  I’m mostly awake now, but I could really use a nap.  I think we should introduce siestas into the federal workday.


  1. momma betty

    You were both so cute in 42nd Street-fake-tapping your little hearts out on the back row of the chorus line.

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