Lemon or orange peels would work, too. And smell nice.

Did you hear about Cal Ripken Jr’s mom getting kidnapped (and returned)?  Crazy, right?  I wouldn’t bring it up except that I heard the best use of the wrong word in a news report about it.  I don’t know who was talking, but whoever it was said, “She was approached by a man garnishing a gun.”  I was immediately distracted by the image of a guy poking sprigs of parsley down the barrel and in the trigger of a handgun.  Odd, but not all that scary.  Or maybe it’s all the scarier for being so odd.

Posts here will probably be scarce (or at least very short) for the next few days, so to keep some pretty on the screen, here are some randomly selected pictures of Sparky’s other Scottish crush.



Apparently, he can’t keep his hands off himself.  Can’t say I blame him.


Had to add this one last thing from The Daily What.  SO creepy and wrong.


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