It’s not Cinderella’s Castle, but I guess it’ll have to do

I’m of two minds about being home.  On one hand, there’s my bed, my shower, my clothes, my DOGS – I’m SO tired, and it’s SO nice to be home.  On the other hand, DISNEY WORLD.  It’s the happiest place on earth, and I LOVE IT.

Some pictures before I collapse.  Details at some later date.

Molly, Emily, and me in line for the It’s A Small World ride.


Our first five minutes in the park.


Happy to finally be in the air-conditioned line for Pirates of the Caribbean.


Hey! You can totally see my new house. It’s right there behind John’s head.



  1. Zannah

    The trip was ostensibly to celebrate Molly’s graduation from high school a year ago. (John and I were really late with the present.) It was also (clearly) an excuse for us to go to Disney World. 🙂 Molly and Emily are John’s sisters. The four of us had a FANTASTIC time.

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